Episode 11: Waste Not Want Not

Eel Island The drama series following the adventures of a young boy on a magical island continues. Eel Island was once home to the mysterious Eel Catchers, but they were chased away and only Sapphire now remains. With the help of Scott and the friendly old junk-shop owner Pearl, Sapphire battles to protect the secret of the island until her fellow Eel Catchers can return.

In the January 14th episode, Sapphire is astonished to hear a dog barking near the island and discovers a bedraggled greyhound swimming towards the shore. Horrified that someone could abandon an animal like this, Sapphire takes the dog to her Secret Place to nurse it back to health. Meanwhile, Scott brings a pile of his sister’s old clothes to the Junk Emporium to see if Pearl can find a use for them. Scott has often wondered why Pearl finds such delight in the things other people don’t want, so the old man explains that he can’t bear to see things thrown away. It seems that he is not the only one, as Sapphire is delighted when she spots the old clothes. She says she will use them to add to the patchwork quilt that her grandmother started many years before.

Looking at the dog, Scott imagines that it was discarded in much the same way as his sister’s clothes and realises that he may have the perfect home for the animal. When he arrives back at the Junk Emporium with the dog in tow, Pearl cannot resist and promises to look after the new arrival. It turns out that Pearl used to own a similar dog when he was a child. Will his new pet prove to be as fast as the old one?


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