Home and Away January 13-19

Amanda covers for Macca and Cassie. Kim and Rachel disagree over their future. Drew is abducted. Dean finally admits the truth to Matilda. Is Martha and Jack’s marriage over? The Bay pays tribute to Emily. Kim gets some devastating news. It seems that barely a day can go by without Amanda getting herself into some kind of trouble.

Drew and Amanda This week she is letting undercover lovers Macca and Cassie use her house as a meeting place – and is having some man trouble of her own. Ever since Drew revealed that he has feelings for her, Amanda has been battling her own attraction to him. She shocks herself when she lets Drew kiss her – what is she doing? She soon realises that her daughter is more important to her, and resolves to end this for Belle’s sake. When she meets Drew to let him know her decision, he is devastated. But as Drew ruminates over his lost love, a car pulls up next to him and he is dragged inside by some thugs!

Panicking, Amanda calls Dan to tell him what has happened to his nephew. After the police piece things together, they organise a search party and eventually find the terrified and disorientated Drew wandering in the bush. Back at the station, Drew calms down and insists that he is fine. Jack wonders if these events could be some kind of revenge attack connected to one of Peter’s old cases, and tells him that he needs to be extra vigilant. Amanda invites Drew to come and stay – she doesn’t want him to be alone at a time like this. But is this a good idea, given that they are supposed to be keeping out of each other’s way?

While Drew and Amanda try to ignore their feelings, Martha and Jack are trying to keep their dying relationship alive. Martha is angry with Jack after discovering that he went out drinking with his friends when she thought he was at work, but Jack can’t understand why she is so annoyed. She explains that he is still acting like a single man, and tells him to get his act together. But when an argument ends in Jack storming out of the house, Martha has had enough and packs a bag. Is this the end of their marriage?

Also this week, Kim and Rachel’s relationship is on the rocks when the pair disagree over whether they will ever have children. Brad and Sally have a misunderstanding. Dean battles with the truth but finally admits that he is gay. Martha demands a trial separation. And Kim’s world comes crashing down around him when he gets some bad news from the doctor.

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Kim makes a rash decision.
Cassie and Macca are finally busted.
Jack gets himself into more trouble with Martha.
Drew shocks Amanda by breaking up with Belle.
Robbie muses on his uncertain future.
Belle wonders who Drew’s mystery woman is.
Charity kidnaps Ella.

12.00 and 18.00 on Five

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