Hotel Babylon Season 2 Episode 4

Robert Kane (Mark Heap) – a seemingly high flying businessman – proposes to his girlfriend Lisa (Sian Brooke) in the restaurant. Initially, she seems delighted; until she learns he lost his job six months previously and his money is running out. Lisa dumps Robert and Charlie saves him from throwing himself off the balcony in despair. The next day, Robert asks Charlie for the vacant position of bellboy. Charlie agrees and makes a bet with Tony that he will last a week. Things start off well but slowly deteriorate as it becomes clear Robert is in denial about his split with Lisa. The situation reaches a head when Robert sees Lisa check in with her new man. He storms into their room and Charlie has no option but to fire him. Charlie is shocked to later discover Robert holding Rebecca’s friend Estelle (Emily Joyce) hostage. He manages to resolve the situation and Robert is led away by the police. Tony and Charlie feel it only right to give the wager from their bet to charity – £1.

Elsewhere Rebecca receives her decree absolute and decides to hold a divorce party/reunion with her best friends. She invites three old school friends – Estelle (Emily Joyce), Louise (Beatie Edney) and Carolyn (Rachel Fielding) – to enjoy the luxuries of the five-star hotel. Rebecca is really excited about seeing her friends. However, chinks in their friendship begin to show when it’s made clear that Rebecca has been a useless friend since leaving school. Carolyn sleeps with Luke as a way of de-stressing herself, only to have the incident backfire on her. Matters get worse when it is revealed that Estelle is seeing Rebecca’s ex-husband Mark. After a showdown Estelle makes to leave and encounters Robert, who, due to his fragile state, takes her hostage. Charlie saves the day, freeing her from Robert’s grip. Rebecca realises her friendship with Estelle needs time to heal but vows to make more of an effort in the future.

Meanwhile, below stairs, Jackie discovers that James (Ray Coulthard) has been living way beyond his means, and has been losing large sums of money in late night poker games, primarily to Tony. With a few lessons in body language Jackie helps him to beat Tony at his own game in the staff’s monthly poker game.

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