Hotel Babylon Season 2 Episode 5

Former shop assistant turned reality show celebrity Carrie Cottan (Jennifer Ellison) is the object of Gino’s desires. Carrie is famous for having an affair with a TV presenter (Marcus Walker) and is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. Gino finds he is unable to resist exploring Carrie’s room but is surprised when Luke appears. Revealing his true colours, Luke tells Gino he is stealing some explicit photos of Carrie and Marcus to sell to the press. Carrie is distraught to discover the photos have been taken. Eaten up with guilt, Gino tells Rebecca the truth – fully expecting to get the sack. In the end, Rebecca lets Gino keep his job but sacks Luke. Tony is disappointed in Luke and Charlie punches him. Carrie learns that all publicity is good publicity and gets a fabulous underwear contract as a result of her photos making the front page of The Sun.

Jackie is delighted when a novelist she admires, Francis Levington (Angus Wright), stays at the hotel prior to his latest book launch. Jackie makes an excuse to see Francis and the two get on well. In a moment of passion Jackie moves in to kiss Francis. However the situation gets out of hand and begins to turn nasty. Jackie frees herself by hitting Francis with one of his books. When Charlie finds out he tells Francis politely, but firmly, to leave the hotel – right in the middle of his book launch.

Mrs Dickinson is a board member’s wife and lumbers Anna with the task of looking after Petal, her little dog. Despite Mrs Dickinson (Maria McErlane) giving Anna strict instructions on where she is to walk Petal, Anna dumps her in the laundry room and leaves. When Anna returns she is horrified to learn that Petal is in a washing cycle. Together with Ben, she saves Petal just as the water level starts to rise. Frantically blow-drying Petal, Anna returns her, albeit slightly warm, to Mrs Dickinson.

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