Hotel Babylon Season 2 Episode 6

Tony loses out on the Concierge of the Year award because his services are deemed old-fashioned. Riled because Gino is crowing at winning Barman of the Year, Tony resorts to getting help from the Russians (below stairs staff). Things seem to go well at first but Tony quickly starts to regret their intervention when he receives complaints from customers. Tony tells the Russians to leave and they do so – but not before asking him to put up one of their friends for the night. Unable to refuse, Tony agrees. The friend turns out to be a drug dealer who starts dealing out of the hotel. Jackie discovers this and tells Tony who ousts the dealer, knowing it will lead to trouble for him.

The team are shocked when Rebecca cancels their Christmas party so, in revenge, they work to rule. Charlie tries to make Rebecca reinstate the party but she brushes off the staff’s petty attitude. It is only when they refuse to attend the morning meeting that she realises the situation has grown into a full-blown mutiny and reinstates the party. Rebecca is coerced into cooking the meal and tells Charlie he has to help. The friction between Charlie and Rebecca is heightened by the fact that Rebecca is a useless cook and he is brilliant. Matters come to a head and the atmosphere lightens with the help of some cheap brandy. Whilst the staff get merry, Charlie and Rebecca are found in an embrace in the store cupboard by Jackie as she wonders in with the dishy new potwasher. Whilst the rest of the staff celebrate the Christmas party Tony gets a beating from the Russians in retaliation.

A famous British actor, and renowned sex addict, Aiden Spencer (Alexander Armstrong) is using the hotel for a press junket to promote his latest film. He’s obnoxious and his PA Elizabeth Scott (Sally Bretton) is terrified of him. Anna bonds with Elizabeth and finds out more than she bargained for. Pretending to be a journalist, Anna gets the truth out of Aiden about his problem and, having recorded the whole thing, gives the tape to Elizabeth rather than selling the scoop.

About the author

  • Raf

    Just watched this weeks episode of Hotel Babylon, the one where they have Christmas.

    Does anyone have any idea who sung the Christmas song that was playing while they were getting the food and decorations ready?

    I think it was called Christmas Time Is Here???

  • The song is called “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and many artists have sung it over the years. The most recent that I can think of was Mariah Carey.

  • my question is, who plays the potwasher, and where can I see more of him? LOL

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