Hotel Babylon Season 2 Episode 7

Wanting to remain professional, Rebecca and Charlie agree to meet later to continue their new relationship. Seeing them together reignites feelings of jealousy in Jackie and she shows an interest again in Charlie. In the middle of balancing both women Charlie’s younger brother Dan (Chris Coghill) arrives. He is in trouble over forged artwork and needs Charlie’s help. The situation seems harmless until the police arrive looking for Dan. They tell Charlie the truth about what has happened – Dan’s business partner is in a coma following a beating and the police believe that Dan is to blame. Not wanting to get dragged into the situation, Charlie wants his brother out of the hotel, but the pressure mounts for him when Dan’s disgruntled customer sends his heavies to the hotel. Charlie realises the danger Dan is in and is forced to criminalise himself by securing a fake passport for his brother. The situation with Dan gets in the way of Charlie’s relationship with Rebecca and he is forced to lie to her. Rebecca takes this to mean rejection. Charlie feels he can talk to Jackie and, although their relationship is not rekindled, she helps him smuggle Dan out of the hotel just as the police arrive with a search warrant.

Meanwhile, front of house, the restaurant’s wine list is looking worryingly short of top vintages so when wealthy Mrs Klein (Jerry Hall) holds a wine taste-off at the hotel to win a case of very expensive Petrus ’61, James feels he has no option but to comply. Ben is shocked when James confesses that he has lied to his friends, he has a rubbish nose and will not win the taste-off. To make matters worse, James’ arch rival Neville Bellingham Jones (Guy Henry) will be the other contestant at the taste-off and is bound to win. When it is discovered that Ben has an excellent nose, the two conspire to help James win the wine whilst at the same time maintaining his reputation.

Fed up with having his stock stolen by hotel staff, Gino refuses to give them any more free drinks. In revenge, Anna and Tony play a trick on Gino making him believe he is being haunted. But Gino uncovers the trick and turns the tables on his friends.

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  • Skunk

    Can anyone tell me what the song was they played in this episode about 40mins in? Someone singing – catchy.


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