Hotel Babylon Season 2 Episode 8

Hotel Babylon is facing a takeover by Donovan Credo (John Sessions) who is infamous in the hotel trade for ousting the staff and bringing in his own clones. Rebecca is to be kept on but Donovan allows her to keep only two members of her staff. Rebecca chooses Charlie but makes him decide upon the other, dangling the managerial career carrot in front of him. Starting with Ben, Rebecca and Charlie tell the staff individually the bad news. Tony learns he is the other member of staff to be kept. However, he throws it back in their faces and walks out. When Charlie also decides to resign, Rebecca is forced to reveal to him that the Babylon Group is finding an alternative buyer (a Japanese company). Firing the staff was a stalling technique to give the Japanese more time to gather relevant information. Rebecca and Charlie work through the night ensuring the Japanese have everything they need to achieve a successful bid and, at the very last minute, they win the buy-out. As Donovan walks out with his tail between his legs Charlie reassembles the team for a celebratory meeting – however, they feel that Rebecca has betrayed them. When Rebecca leaves the hotel we realise it is for good. Charlie receives notification that he is to be made General Manager at Rebecca’s recommendation.

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