Prison Break is coming!

Fans of the nail-biting prison drama can finally relax as the second season arrives on Five on Monday January 13th at 10pm.

When Season One reached its breathless conclusion, the high walls of Fox River State Penitentiary had been breached by Michael, his brother Lincoln, the villainous T-Bag, CNote, mobster Abruzzi, Sucre, Tweener and the twitchy Haywire. But with Captain Bellick and his crew snapping at their heels, there is no guarantee that all of the ex-inmates are going to get away clean…

Prison Break

In the opening episode of Season Two, ‘Manhunt’, eight hours have passed since the escape and the fugitives are finding it difficult to evade their captors. Dr Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) is in a critical condition following her overdose, and a short-handed T-Bag faces the ultimate challenge.

All hell has broken loose at Fox River. Eight men are missing and the vengeful Bellick is desperately trying to track them down. The Department of Corrections isn’t the only authority interested in the escapees’ whereabouts: the FBI would also like to be brought up to speed on events, as Special Agent Alexander Mahone (guest star William Fichtner, ‘Invasion’) informs the assembled press. “The escaped man is still human,” he says, explaining that a fugitive will “stop at nothing in his attempt at flight.”

Prison Break Meanwhile, Michael and the others are doing their best to put as many miles between themselves and Fox River as possible. Lincoln is concerned at the number of men involved – things are getting complicated now that there are eight men on the loose. With Tweener and Haywire safely out of the picture, and T-Bag staggering somewhere in the forest after Abruzzi chopped off T-Bag’s hand, there are five of them on the run together. Lincoln wants to dump Sucre, Abruzzi and C-Note, but Michael reminds him that they know about the brothers’ plans to head for Utah… where millions of stolen dollars should be waiting.

The escapees’ flight is interrupted when they come face to face with a hunter, who threatens to turn them in. Abruzzi intervenes in his own inimitable way, and the fugitives are soon on the road again in a stolen car. They are heading for Oswego, a town where Michael has stored everything they need to keep going: clothes, money, phones and a rented car. Using testimony from the rattled hunter, and after deciphering Michael’s credit-card statements, Bellick soon realises where the escapees are headed. Together with the FBI, Bellick and assorted Department of Corrections officers make for Oswego and the storage facility rented out in Michael’s name… only to find that the quick-witted con has outsmarted them once more. The storage unit is empty – so where are the missing men?

Meanwhile, T-Bag has found a medical clinic where he hopes his hand will be reattached – but the medic inside is actually a vet. Will the vet’s skills be up to reassembling a one-handed murderer? Sara wakes from her overdose-induced coma, and realises that she is in big trouble for her part in the prison break. Veronica makes a fatal mistake when she tracks down Terrence Steadman, the man Lincoln supposedly murdered. And as he slowly puts together the pieces of Michael’s ingenious plan, Mahone resolves to hunt him down. “It’s only a matter of time before we know everything that is in Scofield’s head,” he says calmly. “Where he plans to run to; how he plans to get there. So when the time comes that he does get there, we’ll be waiting for him…”

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