Children's favourite CBeebies Returns

Children’s favourite, CBeebies, is getting a brand new look and three exclusive new shows this March.

With a dedicated programme for each age group, there’s a special treat for all including a magical delight from the creators of Teletubbies, live action animal adventures and animated superhero escapades.

Screening alongside award-winning and established favourites such as LazyTown, Charlie and Lola and Big Cook, Little Cook, CBeebies is the place for children to be this Spring.

The three new shows are In The Night Garden, Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies and Tommy Zoom.

Made by acclaimed children’s specialists and creators of Teletubbies, Ragdoll’s Anne Wood and Andy Davenport’s latest production is In The Night Garden.

Filmed in a real woodland setting, In The Night Garden is a magical programme, for the under-4s, about the dreaming time between waking and sleeping. Reached by following a magical little, blue star, the Night Garden is a warm and affectionate world which is home to a comical and diverse community of toys, living happily together.

They include the curious and adventurous, Igglepiggle, who is like a well-loved teddy and the happy and optimistic, Upsy Daisy, who loves to dance regardless of the occasion. Filmed in HD, the series is narrated by Sir Derek Jacobi.

Perfect for 3 to 5-year-olds, Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies celebrates the comedy, drama and gentle wisdom of the animal kingdom through a vibrant blend of animation and live action clips extracted from thousands of hours of the BBC’s Natural History Unit and the National Geographic’s outstanding archives.

Mama Mirabelle (voiced by Floella Benjamin) is a sassy, soulful elephant living in the African Savannah. She cares for and plays with her son Max and his friends including Bo the cheetah, Karla the zebra and monkeys Kip, Flip and Chip.

Mama Mirabelle has travelled the globe filming all the animals she’s encountered and, with a loud trumpet, she calls them from every corner of the planet to the Savannah for Movie Time when they gather to share their secrets and adventures.

Especially for 4 to 6-year-olds, Tommy Zoom mixes drama and animation and is narrated by Daniel the dog (voiced by Jerome Flynn).

Daniel and his best friend, Tommy, have a special friendship and together they work out solutions to the everyday problems of life by consulting Tommy’s animated superhero alter-ego, Tommy Zoom.

In their adventures together, Daniel and Tommy Zoom solve dilemmas, face trouble and outwit the evil Polluto and his feline sidekick, Smogg.

Tommy Zoom is CBeebies first multi-platform show with special content also created online and for interactive TV.

Since its launch in 2002, CBeebies has set the standard for children’s broadcasting and recent BBC research revealed that parents and carers want even more of what CBeebies does best – great shows that are fun, adventurous and involving in a safe environment which will educate and entertain their little ones.

Michael Carrington, CBeebies Creative Director, explains: “Parents and carers have told us how much they love CBeebies for its range and style of programming.

“So, as well as launching three exciting new shows, we’re also adapting our daily schedule to help parents steer their kids through the day – getting up and getting them to school, lots of active imaginative programmes for smaller children during the day, fun on the return from school and then winding down for bedtime.

“At each phase of the day, the refreshed, new look CBeebies will have special programmes for each age group.”

March will also see the launch of CBeebies Radio as part of BBC 7. The dedicated children’s network will transmit between 2-5pm daily, jam-packed full of CBeebies characters alongside specially commissioned programming for the under 6s.

As part of the new look channel and the launch of CBeebies on BBC 7, the CBeebies website and interactive TV (red button) components are also being redesigned and will re-launch later in the Spring.

The CBeebies website is already the fourth most visited BBC site and it will now host streaming of CBeebies radio plus a new look Grown Up section with lots of parenting tips, tools and information, as well as mini-sites for each of the three new shows: In The Night Garden, Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies and Tommy Zoom.

About the author

  • H Smith

    In the night garden
    What a brilliant show for toddlers and babies. My 2 year old absolutly loves it. He watched it for the first time monday evening and wouldnt stop talking about igglepiggle while I was getting him ready for bed. He watched it again this morning and as it was finishing he burst into tears because it was over. He has never done that with any programe before. When is the dvd coming out?????

  • Pauline Reucroft

    In The Night Garden

    I echo H Smiths comments – my little boy is also two – since he started watching it last week he cries every time it finishes and talks about nothing else…it astounds me how he remembers all the characters names already. The makers have obviously got insider information as to what children makes small children tick…..desperate for the merchandise to come out now so that our new baby due in April can buy our son an “IgglePiggle” when it arrives!!!

  • Chattobleu

    Are there any CDs of In the Night Garden stories/music. My kids go to sleep to tapes/CDs and this is the sort of thing that would send them off nicely!

  • s jewsbury

    i would just like to say that my little boy who turned two last week also loves in the night garden, he too can say all the names and igglepiggle is his favouirite, he also cries when the programme is about to end which he has never done before. where can i buy igglepiggle!?….

  • mummy

    Hello people, my 18m old son loves it too. I emailed ragdoll productions and they said a whole range of products (plush toys, books, dvds etc) will be out late summer/ early autumn. Just in time for christmas, if you can all wait that long. Personally I can’t wait to get a makka pakka to cuddle!!

  • C Dunn

    Hi all,

    Once again agreeing with everyones comments, my son is 2 in May, and like everybody elses children, adores this programme, and also too cries when it finishes!! How bizarre! Desparate for an IgglePiggle, he loves it when he falls backwards – can’t believe we have to wait that long! Thats really mean!!

  • Anonymous

    I also have a two year old who adores the programme. She also knows all the characters names, which amazes me! I have been searching the internet trying to find merchandise and have learnt from your emails that I am going to have to wait a bit longer. It does make you wonder what is so fasinating about this programme that all our children enjoy it so much.

  • c webb

    I also have a 2 year daughter who adores In the night garden.What a brillant programme, the characters and their names are so simple yet brillant.Well done for bringing this lovely programme to our screens.Cannot wait for the merchandise to be released.

  • Bisquity

    My 18 month old loves it too. But not half as much as I do! I can’t believe I have fallen in love with all these characters so quickly. I say ‘Makka Pakka’ or blow kisses like Upsy Daisy around the house which makes my little boy laugh. I will be first in the queue when the merchandice comes out!!

  • Angela Lindley

    Our children adore In the Night Garden aged 2 and 3, even our 10month old is drawn to it! The house is as its quietest from beginning to end. My two year old has a little pebble like Makka Pakka which he carries around with him, we can’t wait to buy a Makka Pakka. Our three year old does the Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle dance!! Even worse I’m singing the songs!!!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot stand In The Night Garden, it is moronic and far too long. But Mama Mirabelles is fantastic, when is the dvd coming out?

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