CSI Season 7 Opening Double Episode

Tuesday 30 January: 21.00–22.00; 22.00–23.00

The phenomenally successful Las Vegas-based forensics drama returns to Five tonight for its seventh season. In this two-part season opener, the team find themselves immersed in the theatrical mystery of Vegas’s famous Cirque du Soleil after an anonymous corpse is found backstage. Across town, Brass and Sara investigate an apparent suicide at a party held by their old nemesis Sam Braun, Catherine’s father. Meanwhile, Brass is rewarded for bravery, and Catherine becomes the victim of a date-rape drug.

In the first episode, which features a special music performance from John Mayer, Nick, Grissom and Catherine investigate the death of a woman found backstage at the latest Cirque du Soleil show. Celia Noel was a dancer who was obsessed with Cirque. She had tickets to all of its events, and seems to have attended her final show with a young man by the name of Arnie Clifton. Although there is forensic evidence on Arnie’s shoes that backs this up, Arnie insists he didn’t take Celia to the show at which she died. And even if the CSIs can tie him to the scene, will he reveal what happened?

Meanwhile, across town, Warrick, Brass and Sara are investigating the apparent suicide of a young businessman killed by a gunshot. Robert O’Brien had been attending a party hosted by Sam Braun. “This is just like old times,” quips Brass to Braun. “You, me, a party, a dead body…” Strangely for a suicide, the dead man’s hands are still clutching the gun – an anomaly which makes the CSIs wonder if O’Brien was actually murdered.

When it is established that Robert’s partner, Joe Hirschoff, owns the gun that killed Robert, it begins to look extremely bad for him – especially when it is also revealed that he stands to benefit financially from Robert’s death. However, a bizarre piece of evidence eventually reveals the truth.

Also in ‘Built to Kill – Part 1’, a reluctant Brass is awarded the Medal of Valor for his bravery in a previous case, but settles on a more fitting way to remember that awful day [in the Season 6 doubleepisode finale, ‘Bang-Bang’ and ‘Way to Go’]. Grissom is baffled when he finds a miniature replica of the crime scene he is about to process. And a night out for Catherine ends in terror and confusion when her drink is drugged and she wakes up naked in a strange apartment. How did she get there – and what happened to her?

Concluding tonight’s double bill is ‘Built to Kill – Part 2’. Grissom and Sara try to solve the mystery behind the miniature crime scene, which leads them into the sordid world of rock music.

As she desperately tries to work out what happened to her the previous night, things get even worse for Catherine when her daughter Lindsey is abducted from the car after an accident. While Nick processes the car, Sam Braun gets hold of Catherine and presents her with a photo of Lindsey tied to a chair, saying that has no idea who took her. A print in the car leads the CSIs to Lindsey, and she is rescued – but another print is found which brings back a suspect from a previous case. Could Catherine and Lindsey’s abductions be linked – and what does Sam Braun have to do with it all?

Across town, Grissom and Sara peer into the miniature replica of a crime scene while standing in the real one. Who killed rock star Izzy Delancy – and who would go to the trouble of recreating the event in miniature?

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