Finale of Eel Island: Coming home

Sunday 28 January: 09.30–09.45

The children’s drama series following the adventures of a young boy on a magical island draws to an explosive close this morning. Eel Island was once home to the mysterious Eel Catchers, but they were chased away and only Sapphire now remains. With the help of Scott and the old junkshop owner Pearl, Sapphire battles to protect the secret of the island from would-be invaders. Today’s series finale sees the malevolent Green Beryl make a final attempt to breach the island’s defences before the Eel Catchers return.

Now that the eclipse is over and the shadow has lifted from the sun, Malachite has gathered the Eel Catchers together ready for their return to the island. Green Beryl, however, has other ideas. Having seen Homer the pigeon flying messages between the Junk Emporium and the island, she becomes determined to find out who lives there and prepares a final assault. Injuring Homer, Green Beryl forces Sapphire out of hiding and vows to get rid of the troublesome child once and for all. A passing wading bird gives her an idea and it’s not long before Beryl has found a way to walk across the sinking sand!

With Green Beryl finally on the island, Sapphire knows she is in real danger, but her family are still nowhere to be seen. It is up to Scott and Pearl to help her, but by the time they arrive on the island, Sapphire and Green Beryl have disappeared. The old woman has grabbed handfuls of the precious Name Stones from the cave and is throwing them into the sinking sand to prevent the Eel Catchers from returning. Sapphire tries desperately to recover the stones, but finds herself sinking deeper and deeper into the deadly mud. As Green Beryl makes her exit, Scott arrives – and not a moment too soon. As Sapphire once did for him, Scott enlists the help of Kesali to save his friend.

At that moment, the Eel Catcher boats appear on the horizon, with Sapphire’s parents visible amongst the crowd. But with the Name Stones disappearing into the sand, will it all be too late?

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