Home and Away: January 20-26 2007

Kim makes a rash decision. Cassie and Macca are finally busted. Jack gets himself into more trouble with Martha. Drew shocks Amanda by breaking up with Belle. Belle wonders who Drew’s mystery woman is. Charity kidnaps Ella.

Kim is reeling from the news that he’s infertile, but can’t bring himself to tell Rachel. Instead, he tells her that he doesn’t want kids – and that they should call it quits. Rachel is stunned, thinking that Kim is just being a selfish commitment-phobe, but she couldn’t be more wrong. Eventually Kim realises that he has to tell Rachel the truth about why he broke up with her. He apologises for hurting her and emphasises that he loves her, but explains that he doesn’t want her to resent him for not being able to give her children in the future. Rachel is now presented with a terrible decision: stay with Kim and face a childless future, or leave the man she loves so that she can one day have kids?

Relationship woes seem to be plaguing everyone this week. Macca and Cassie’s illicit relationship is finally exposed when a stunned Ric spots them kissing and demands an explanation. Cassie’s attempts to explain herself fall on deaf ears as Ric angrily storms off. Sally is no happier with Cassie, angry that she has been lied to. The situation worsens when Ric tells Sally that either Cassie leaves the house or he will: there’s no way that he will stay under the same roof as her. And when Martha finds out that Jack knew about the whole thing, she cannot believe that Jack would keep something like this from her. Cassie and Macca’s affair has had far-reaching consequences… but was it worth it?

Macca and Cassie aren’t the only troublemaking pair in the Bay. Blissfully unaware of her boyfriend’s dalliance with Amanda, Belle is talking to him about how lucky they are to have a stable relationship. Racked with guilt, Drew bites the bullet and ends things with Belle – much to Amanda’s amazement. Despite having put a stop to things with Drew, Amanda soon finds herself back in his arms… but what will Belle do when she finds out who Drew’s ‘other woman’ is?

Also this week, Dean tries to get Matilda and Lucas back together. Macca tells Cassie that the rest of the Bay will just have to accept that they’re together. And just as Robbie finds out that his trial is looming, events take a terrible turn when Charity kidnaps baby Ella…

Coming Soon
A rescue party rushes to find Ella.
Brad has conflicting emotions about Sally.
Tasha holds Mumma Rose’s life in her hands.
Belle almost catches Drew and Amanda in the act.
Cassie and Macca face opposition.
Are Matilda and Ric meant for each other?
Tasha gets an interesting letter.
Someone is still watching Drew.

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