Miss Spider: Giddy Up Bugs

Weekdays: 07.30–07.35

Continuing this morning is the children’s favourite based on the best-selling books by David Kirk. The 3D CGI animation follows the various adventures of Miss Spider and her family in a world filled with bugs of all shapes, sizes and colours. The series encourages kids to appreciate the differences in others and promotes acceptance as it takes preschoolers on mini adventures in a bug world.

Home to Bounce, Squirt, Shimmer and Dragon, along with a fascinating assortment of hoppers, flyers and creepy crawlies, Sunny Patch is a whimsical land of delight. Please note that Sunday to Friday’s episodes start at 7.25am.

In this morning’s episode, Sawyer the ant rides into Sunny Patch with her posse of aphids for a honeydew round-up. Squirt, Shimmer and Bounce get to tag along and learn how to be real cowbugs.

On Sunday, ‘Snake Charmer’ finds Spiderus annoyed that Holley is getting too much glory for being a good father. Determined to impress, Spiderus goes foraging in the Snakey Woods and brings home a very special present – a snake egg!

In Monday’s episode, ‘A Party for Pops’, Holley’s traditional ‘Thank you, Dad’ party takes a surprising turn when he has to include the envious Spiderus in his plans.

Tuesday’s episode is ‘Frog in the Moon’. Inspired by Bounce, Felix the frog tries to jump to the moon and winds up stuck at the top of the Hollow Tree.

In ‘Moon Music and Sun Songs’ on Wednesday, new neighbours move into the stump next to the Hollow Tree and proceed to keep everyone up with their noisy music. While much of the neighbourhood is annoyed at the din, Dragon, Bounce and Spinner want to join the band.

Thursday’s episode is ‘Little Doll Lost’. When her mother is away, Pansy borrows Miss Spider’s favourite toy, Willa.

And ‘Mr Mocking-Bug’ on Friday sees Squirt imitating all his bug friends. When he goes to sleep, however, Squirt dreams that he has lost his voice and must go to the Echo Fairy to find it again.

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