Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends 3-9 February


Continuing this morning is the children’s favourite based on the best-selling books by David Kirk. The 3D CGI animation follows the various adventures of Miss Spider and her family in a world filled with bugs of all shapes, sizes and colours. The series encourages kids to appreciate the differences in others and promotes acceptance as it takes preschoolers on mini adventures in a bug world.

Home to Bounce, Squirt, Shimmer and Dragon, along with a fascinating assortment of hoppers, flyers and creepy crawlies, Sunny Patch is a whimsical land of delight that acts as a metaphor for a child’s world.

When a mould infestation covers Spiderus’s lair in this morning’s episode, he and his family must depend on the generosity of their Sunny Patch neighbours. While he is homeless, Spiderus learns the true meaning of tolerance.

In Sunday’s episode, ‘Spring Unsprung’, it is the eve of the first day of spring. Squirt is very excited because it will soon be time to wake up his best buddy, Felix the frog, from his long winter nap. But Squirt’s fun-filled plans go awry when winter isn’t ready to end!

In Monday’s episode, ‘Bumbling Bees’, Dragon is bored of web-testing and decides to become a bee for a day. But he quickly finds out that while being a bee is exciting, it is also a lot of hard work.

Tuesday’s episode is ‘Eclipse’. When Sunny Patch finds itself in the shadow of a solar eclipse, most of the bugs enjoy the celestial show. Bounce, however, is afraid that the sun won’t come out from hiding unless he helps.

In ‘Hide and Sleuth’ on Wednesday, Squirt and Bounce hesitate to include Shelley and Stinky in their game of hide and seek because they think it would be too easy playing against a snail and a stinkbug. How wrong could they be?

Thursday’s episode is ‘Master Mantis’. During a field trip to look at a venus flytrap, Mr Mantis tells the legendary story of Master Mantis.

And ‘Bug-versity’ on Friday finds the bugs putting on a pageant to celebrate Hug-a-Bug Day.

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