New observational series at Great Ormond St Hospital

Coming soon…

This brand-new observational series follows 12 children undergoing treatment at the world-famous Great Ormond Street Hospital. We join the children and their families both at home and at the hospital, as doctors attempt to diagnose their conditions and work out how best to treat them using cuttingedge techniques.

In the first of six programmes, four-year-old Molly faces life-threatening surgery to remove three cancerous tumours from her lungs. And one-yearold Tahlia is rushed into the hospital struggling to breathe. It turns out that ground-breaking surgery on her windpipe is her only chance of survival.

In later programmes we also meet children including six-year-old Alex, whose life-threatening disease has caused half his jaw bone to disappear; one-year-old Kody, born with a rare lymphatic disorder that causes his tongue to protrude; and five-year-old Luka from Serbia, who has a very rare type of liver cancer.

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