Shadow on the Sun (12/13)

Sunday 21 January: 09.30–09.45
The drama series following the adventures of a young boy on a magical island continues. Eel Island was once home to the mysterious Eel Catchers, but they were chased away and only Sapphire now remains. With the help of Scott and the old junkshop owner Pearl, Sapphire battles to protect the secret of the island. This week’s episode sees the return of Gypsy Jacaranda, a wise old Eel Catcher.

There is an eclipse coming and people have gathered all over Fair Hill to celebrate. Eel Catchers believe that an eclipse signals a new beginning and Green Beryl is quick to ask Jacaranda about the future of Eel Island. The old woman tells her that the way to the island will become clear “once the shadow on the sun lifts”. Green Beryl is overjoyed at the news – will her long wait to discover the secrets of the island finally be over?

When Sapphire hears that Gypsy Jacaranda is in the area, she tells Scott that she must visit her to learn about her future. Scott thinks this is a bad idea, but cannot stop Sapphire so accompanies her to Fair Hill, leaving Eel Island unguarded. Pearl is also enjoying the celebrations until he notices that Green Beryl has bought an old wooden sledge – it seems she intends to use a special mud horse to get across the sinking sand! It is up to Pearl to foil Green Beryl’s plan before the eclipse.

Meanwhile, Sapphire learns some important news about her future from Gypsy Jacaranda. She is also told that she must be back on the island by the time the shadow leaves the sun. As the eclipse begins, will she and Scott manage to get back to the island in time? And will there really be a new beginning for Eel Island?

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