So you think you can nurse?

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In this three-part educational entertainment series, celebrities experience first-hand the challenges of being an NHS nurse. Writer and broadcaster Janet Street Porter, TV presenter Gail Porter and comedian Sean Hughes have been given full access to working wards in Barnsley General Hospital. Residing in the nurses’ quarters on hospital grounds, they work as auxiliary nurses-intraining for two exhausting weeks and immerse themselves in every aspect of a nurse’s life.

Each celebrity is assigned to a specialist ward within the hospital, where the nursing is multidisciplinary. The principal training will take place on the job, under the supervision of a ward manager. Janet Street Porter, known for her strong opinions on the NHS, will be assisting expectant mothers and helping the midwives with births and csections in the maternity wing; Sean Hughes battles his phobia of hospitals to work on the paediatric and orthopaedic wards; and Gail Porter supports the nurses in the Accident and Emergency, where she is reduced to tears by the daily stresses of coping with blood, vomit and bedbathing patients. In just two weeks, will Janet, Sean and Gail prove that anyone can nurse?

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