So you think you can nurse: The final

Wednesday 14 February: 20.00–21.00

In the last part of this compelling reality series, three celebrities have a week left to prove they have what it takes to succeed in the most testing of professions. Will Janet Street-Porter, Gail Porter and Sean Hughes impress the staff at Barnsley Hospital, where they are working as auxiliary nurses-in-training?

Gail starts the new week in the A&E ward. Treating around 1,200 patients a week, this is the busiest part of the hospital. Gail will be mentored by veterans Margaret and Kevin, who have 35 years’ experience between them. Reality hits home quickly when Craig, a badly beaten-up 28-year-old, is admitted. He has a broken nose and severe blows to the eyes which need immediate stitching. However, his sense of humour is intact and the injuries are mainly superficial. This is not the case with Gail’s next patient, a man who has suffered a cardiac arrest and massive head injuries. Despite trying for almost an hour, the team is unable to resuscitate him. “I’ve never seen anyone die,” says a shell-shocked Gail, who must remain behind to clear up while staff break the tragic news to the family of the deceased.

By the time she has tackled the busiest shift of all – Friday’s night shift in A&E – she is showing an aptitude for nursing. However, she is not sure how to deal with teenager James. Having fallen off his bike after drinking six litres of cider, he vomits repeatedly for over an hour, leaving Gail uncertain of how to help.

Meanwhile, Janet must spend a second week on the maternity ward. From now on, she will be playing a vital role in the delivery room. Her first caesarean goes smoothly and quickly. But this is not the case with a later labour, which does not progress as fast as midwife Jane would like. Jane is pleasantly surprised when the easily bored Janet stays beyond her shift hours in the hope of seeing the birth through to its end. But will it ever happen? “Short of getting a sink plunger, I’m not sure what I can do!” jokes Janet with mum Sam. But although she is helpful and supportive with the mothers-tobe, Janet finds it hard to stay patient outside the delivery room. “I’m sick of being filmed,” she complains. Can she maintain her composure and be given a favourable report at the end of the week?

After a week on the children’s ward, Sean now moves on to orthopaedics, where patients are treated after serious operations. Under the watchful eye of lead nurse Anne, he will be expected to undertake the full duties of an auxiliary nurse, from cleaning and feeding patients to helping with actual nursing tasks. Anne is impressed with the patience and consideration he demonstrates when dealing with elderly patients, helping to wash them and clean their wounds. “You’ve got a gentle hand,” approves patient Laura, who is recovering from a hip replacement. Sean is delighted, and states that he is more interested in the patient being happy than in gaining the approval of staff.

But at the end of the week, Sean and the other two celebrities will be given some official feedback on their performance. Which of them, if any, will have impressed boss Bernie enough to be deemed possible nurse material?

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