Waterloo Road: Season 2

Waterloo Road is back for the start of a brand-new term and, for a rundown inner-city school, staff shortages, bullying and truancy are all high on the agenda. With its failing results, can Waterloo Road survive in its present state or will it need the support of private money?

The school is launching its first sixth form with financial support from former pupil and entrepreneur Roger Aspinall (Nick Sidi). Roger wants to go one better in return for a seat on the governing body – he wants to build Rochdale’s first City Academy.

But with Roger’s investment comes a list of changes which wreak havoc across the school. Jack Rimmer’s (Jason Merrells) role as Head Teacher is under immediate threat, while Roger sets his sights and targets any other teacher who doesn’t see eye to eye with him.

Meanwhile, teachers Izzie (Jill Halfpenny) and Tom (Jason Done) are happily living together and expecting a new addition to their family. Even Izzie’s daughters, Chlo (Katie Griffiths) and Mika (Lauren Drummond), have adjusted to having a man around the house.

But the couple are in for a shock on the first day of the new school term when they see Lorna (Camilla Power) has not moved abroad but has returned. Lorna seems relaxed but Tom is unsettled; he’s certain they can’t trust her – she’s definitely up to something.

Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin) is determined to put her traumatic experience with ex-student Lewis Seddon (Craig Fitzpatrick) behind her and focus on her job. Meanwhile, Kim continues to fight her feelings for Andrew Treneman, but will the chemistry prove too much for them both?

New student Brett Aspinall (Tom Payne) is breaking hearts on his first day at school. He’s quick, intelligent and determined to give the teachers a run for their money. Mika takes an immediate shine to him but she has a fight on her hands when her best mate, Leigh-Ann (Holly Mathews), stakes a claim.

New PA Davina Shackleton (Christine Tremarco) makes a huge impression on her first meeting with Jack Rimmer; there’s definitely chemistry between them. But Davina is Roger Aspinall’s appointment – could she be a spy in the camp?

Eagle-eyed Steph (Denise Welch) spots competition in the sexy Davina straight away. She may have met her match but she resolves to reel Jack in – though she clearly has her work cut out.

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    OMG lovin the new series!! especially Bolton!! 😛

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