Wild at Heart: Season 2 Episode 1

Stephen Tompkinson, Amanda Holden and Lucy-Jo Hudson are back among the lions, elephants and rhinos of the African plains for a second series of WILD AT HEART.

WILD AT HEART catches up with British vet Danny Trevanion (Stephen Tompkinson – Prime Suspect, Marian Again, In Denial of Murder) and his family as they try to make a life – and a living – for themselves in the African bush.

Amanda Holden (Cutting It, Mad About Alice, Hearts and Bones) is Danny’s wife, Sarah, busy trying to build a business out of nothing while looking after her two kids Evan (Luke Ward-Wilkinson) and Olivia (Rafaella Hutchinson). Lucy-Jo Hudson (Coronation Street) is Rosie, Danny’s feisty daughter, back in South Africa having dropped out of university in England.

With all their money sunk into their new African home, Leopard’s Den, it’s crunch time for the Trevanion family. Will the local community accept Danny as their vet? Will Sarah manage to pull off the perfect wedding with a pack of hungry lions circling the marquee? And will the hard won harmony in the Trevanion household be spoiled with the arrival of Sarah’s mother?

Stephen Tompkinson was over the moon to be back in Africa to make more WILD AT HEART.

“We’ve had such a fantastic response from the audience. It’s good to know the first series really did tick all the boxes we intended and now we have that first season success as a benchmark. We’ve learnt from that, taken the elements that work and built on them to create what is hopefully a bigger and better series two.

“I haven’t had a hit like this since Ballykissangel and often you only get one in a lifetime as an actor so it has thrilled me beyond belief to get a second bite at the cherry and to get as big an audience as Wild at Heart did.”

After a year at Leopard’s Den the Trevanion family has settled into the African way of life. But business is not so good. Competition is fierce and Sarah (Amanda Holden) is struggling to find guests.

Danny (Stephen Tompkinson) is expanding his veterinary practice. But treating the villagers’ goats for free isn’t helping to pay the bills. So, when Leopard’s Den has its first booking to host a wedding reception, Sarah is determined to make it a success. But the eco system on the farm is out of kilter. There aren’t enough prey animals and the hungry lions roam perilously close to the house in search of food.

Sarah insists Danny approach their neighbour Tate (Gary Lawson) to buy buck from him. But Danny’s principles cloud his vision when he realises Tate is hunting at Mara, and he refuses to do business with him. To remedy the situation Danny and Du Plessis (Deon Stewardson) attend a game auction, where they spot Tate and a tourist hunter bidding for an old white Rhino. Danny knows Tate plans to hunt it and while trying to save the rhino he loses out on the buck. Sarah is livid – the reception is only hours away and the lions are hungry.

Their problems are temporarily forgotten when Rosie (Lucy-Jo Hudson) makes a surprise return home. Danny is disappointed to learn she’s dropped out of university in the UK, but Rosie is delighted to be home. And she’s thrown straight in at the deep end when Danny gets a call for help when Tate is gored by the old rhino while hunting it down. Danny, Du Plessis and Rosie rush to Mara to find Tate fighting for his life. Can Danny stem the blood flow and get Tate on the ambulance helicopter in time?

Back at Leopard’s Den the wedding preparations are falling apart. Sarah is distraught but Nomsa (Nomsa Xaba) and her daughter Thandi (Busi Lurayi) come to the rescue and soon half the village turns out to help, including Max ( Martinus Van Der Berg), the new bar owner. The wedding reception is a huge success – thanks to the locals’ deep respect for Danny. But, the party turns sour when Nomsa arrives with bad news about Tate.

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