A Beetle-ful Family

07.20–07.35 on FIVE

Continuing this morning is the children’s favourite based on the best-selling books by David Kirk. The 3D CGI animation follows the various adventures of Miss Spider and her family in a world filled with bugs of all shapes, sizes and colours. The series encourages kids to appreciate the differences in others and promotes acceptance as it takes preschoolers on mini adventures in a bug world.

Home to Bounce, Squirt, Shimmer and Dragon, along with a fascinating assortment of hoppers, flyers and creepy crawlies, Sunny Patch is a whimsical land of delight that acts as a metaphor for a child’s world.

There are brand-new episodes from Saturday to Monday, while from Tuesday there is a chance to revisit some old adventures.

In this morning’s episode, it is autumn and Grace, the little lost ladybug, is sure her family is coming back to Sunny Patch. When Gracie’s family doesn’t arrive, Stinky and Whiffy offer to take Gracie in for as long as she needs to stay.

In Sunday’s episode, ‘Night and Day’, Gracie finds out just how long a night and a day can be when Whiffy and Stinky are gone on an overnight trip to the annual perfume festival.

Monday’s episode is ‘Cob Fog’. Dragon promises to bring Bounce a cloud home when he gets back from his high-flying adventure with the Flying Aces. But will he ever make it home?

In ‘Fungus Among Us’ on Tuesday, Wiggle brings home one little mushroom, but is not prepared for the full-on fungal invasion that follows.

Wednesday’s episode, ‘Pitch and Itch’, finds Ant brothers Ted and Ned selling itchy ivy leaves as magic carpets.

Thursday’s episode is ‘Ground Bound’. After a windstorm injures Berry the cranefly, the Sunny Patch kids rally round to help their friend find new ways of doing old things.

And rounding up the week’s episodes is ‘Bounce Back’ on Friday. Bounce has lost his smile so Squirt, Shimmer and Dragon try to find it.

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