Heartbeat series

Hi does anybody know if Heartbeat will come on DVD

13 Series from what Internet tells me, it would have to be box set.

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  • Steve

    I don’t know if it will but I wish they would release all the series on DVD – there must be thousands out there who would buy it, and The Royal too !!

  • Paul

    I’ve been hoping Heartbeat will come onto DVD. I’ll certainly buy the entire series. Not sure why it hasn’t happened yet when there’s easily a massive market for it.

  • Steve

    The problem is with the music rights on the show. It would cost a fortune to pay royalties for all the tracks played. They should release it with generic music as has been the case with other DVD releases.eg Happy Day’s

  • Anonymous

    Some of the early series’, featuring Nick Berry, were available on VHS. I wonder how they overcame the royalties issue.

  • Hi. Did you know that a DVD of Claude Greengrass singing 2 songs (Heartbeat and Walking the Dog) was released on 9th March 2009. It is on sale ONLY at the Aidensfield stores or their web site http://www.aidensfieldstores.co.uk

  • Shelly

    My mother is driving me mad, as she is dying to find out where she can buy the box set of hearbeat. Is there anywhere that does it now at all???? meny thanks and good luck finding it. 🙂 x

  • Anonymous

    Bought mine from Sean on Adpost! Absoultely perfect! Will be buying more as I only ordered 2 series and he’s got 18!! And he takes Paypal! Also got mine with free delivery!

    Copy the link below for his page!


  • Hans Christian Vang

    It is a shame they’re cancelling the series now, without even releasing it on DVD. They say it’s not making enough money – well, release the stuff on DVD, then – start with some recent series, not the old stuff the audience doesnt remember or care about anymore… and who cares if they replace the hit tunes with library music? isn’t it the stories that count? the brilliant writing? I’m 27 and couldnt care less about the music of the period, I just love the characters and stories!

  • I.P.

    The problem of royalties should not exist. Television companies have been showing episodes with re-runs for years,have they been paying extensive royalties i think not.

  • Dave

    I have the entire HEARTBEAT collection (series 1-18) on DVD. (transferred from VHS)
    Contact me via email if interested.


    Dave (Australia)

  • Dave

    Sean on Adpost is ripping people off.
    He’s charging 60GBP per series !!
    I’d be happy taking half that (30GBP per series), and i have the entire 18 series on dvd.


  • Oztigger

    Hi, I’d like to chat to you about the series of Heartbeat. Could you drop me a line at oztigger@gmail.com Thanks Brian

  • Beth

    Hi, Can you contact me about the Heartbeat series, I would be interested in those. Cheers

  • Georgia

    Hi, I have been searching for the heartbeat series for quite some time, i have been unlucky in tracking the DVD’s. Are you able to let me know where i can purchase the series?

    Thank You


  • Alistair Ramsay

    Can you confirm that you have the entire heartbeat series on DVD?

  • cathlab 1

    Dave, i’m intested in your collection of the heartbeat series 1-18, I’m in Perth WA. How much for the collection and postage? whats the quality like? how is payment to be made? regards fellow aussie.

  • Ozdvd


    Feel free to email me.


  • Ozdvd


    Yes i do.

    Transferred from Telly.

    Feel free to email me.


  • Ozdvd


    Feel free to email me.


  • cathlab

    Dave, please contact me   jeck@westnet.com.au with regards to your heartbeat series ASAP   kind regards cathlab

  • Alf

    The Heartbeat series I am looking for stars Nick Berry nd Niamh Cussack. If this is the series you refer to, then I would be interested in buying. Thanks, Alf

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