Hypnoconfessional - Hypnotherapy for Couples

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Hypnoconfessional (working title)

This new four-part series brings relationship hypnotherapy to the screen for the very first time, featuring couples who are having relationship crises and are on the verge of breaking up.

The couples undergo therapy with top hypnotherapist Ursula James. She uses hypnosis to unlock the couple’s deepest secrets and reveal the raw truth about their feelings for one another. The process forces them to confront the issues they have been repressing in their relationship – with explosive results.

Each hour-long programme shows Ursula working with one couple over a three-month period. She takes each partner though hypnosis separately in order to unearth the hidden truths holding them back – such as issues around intimacy, previous relationships, family traumas or unexplored memories from the past.

Confronted with the truth, each couple is then encouraged to make positive changes to their relationship. For relationships in crisis, this could mean make or break.

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  • Johno

    This is fantastic and the Truth will truly set you free! Well in most cases and certaintly in relationships. More and more people are doing Hypnotherapy Training and embarking on a new way to develop people with this fast growing industry.

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