Lemur Island - Ten Part Nature Documentary Follows the Lives of the Lemurs over a year


lemur island

This ten-part series follows two troops of ring-tailed lemurs –the Graveyard Gang and the Tornado Troop –who live on the southeastern corner of Madagascar. Having been studied for 40 years, these unique animals are now accustomed to humans. This has enabled detailed filming of every aspect of the lemurs’ complex lives, from wars with neighbouring gangs and troop leadership battles, to political alliances and illicit relationships.

Filmed over the course of a year and capturing some amazing animal behaviour, including the first ever footage of a ring-tailed lemur birth, Lemur Island follows the characters in each troop and tells their story. Packed with drama and jeopardy as well as beautiful wildlife imagery, the series reveals as never before the trials and tribulations of Madagascar’s most charismatic inhabitants.

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