New comedy series

A new comedy exploring what happens when you’re past your sell-by date and are being shunted aside by the next generation.

Peter Davison (The Last Detective; At Home With The Braithwaites) and Pippa Haywood (Green Wing; The Brittas Empire) star in Fear, Stress and Anger, a new comedy series from Michael Aitkens (Waiting for God; Midsomer Murders) which was filmed on location and at Twickenham Film Studios for BBC Two.

For years, the baby boomers have ruled the world. But now, much to their bewilderment, they find they are past their sell-by dates and are being shunted aside by the next generation.

Their 20-something children won’t leave home; their ancient parents won’t shuffle off the stage.

They’re stuck in the middle – the sandwich generation. They had it all and they spent it all and now they’re screaming as they become the new poor, with the added joys of bad backs, hormone imbalances and fading libidos.

Still very much in love, Martin Chadwick and his wife Julie are panicking as the wheels come off their lives.

They try drugs, therapy and new jobs, but Martin’s unerring ability to screw up absolutely everything, combined with Julie’s rampant neuroses, just add to the fear, the stress and the anger.

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