Castaway Returns

Seven years on from the original, Castaway returns with a new shape and new twists but the same underlying intentions: take a group of people as far away from their current lives as possible – geographically, psychologically and emotionally – to explore what’s really important to them and discover how they shape their community. The series is presented by Danny Wallace.

The people who have been chosen to be castaways in 2007 reflect many aspects of British life; they cover a variety of ages, backgrounds, skills and personalities.

But they all have something to offer and strong reasons for wanting to be a castaway.

Peter Fincham, Controller, BBC One, says: “I’m really excited that Castaway is coming back to BBC One. Castaway was the original reality show and the genre has evolved enormously since then.

“The new series of Castaway will be reflecting this evolution and will be a truly multi-channel, multi-platform event.

“However, the original purpose – to see how people react once they are taken far away from all that they take for granted – remains the same and I will be fascinated to see how our castaways get on.”

During this unique experience, the castaways will explore the best ways to live in close quarters with people with whom they may not initially seem to have much in common.

They will draw on personal skills – or discover new ones – to develop the infrastructure of their isolated location and, in the process, discover more about themselves as individuals.

Elaine Bedell, Commissioning Editor, says: “We’ve got a great mix of personalities and backgrounds from around the country. They each have their own reason for wanting to undertake this unique experience and we hope that they will all achieve some personal goal or discovery along the way.

“It’s a chance for us all to reflect on what is important to us once the daily commute, the school run and our hectic modern schedule are stripped away.”

An initial group of 13 castaways has arrived on the island: the group will have the opportunity to evolve throughout the 12 weeks of the project and one viewer will get the chance to join the group by entering the Cast Me competition.

Transmission details

Friday 9 March

Castaway launches on BBC One with a 60-minute special, presented by Danny Wallace. This is then followed by Castaway Exposed on BBC Three. Hosted by Richard Bacon and based in the UK, this show features reaction from the castaways’ families, along with expert opinions and comments from viewers.

Sunday 11 March

Castaway, BBC One, 9pm: the first of 12 weekly shows which airs at primetime every Sunday. Each BBC One programme is followed by Castaway Exposed on BBC Three at 10pm.

Monday 12 March

Castaway – The Last 24 Hours, BBC Three: running each night from Monday to Thursday for 12 weeks, this is an exclusive update presented by Danny Wallace, giving viewers an insight into what’s been happening on the island over the last 24 hours.

Red button: After every Castaway-related programme on BBC One and BBC Three, there will be a new episode of Danny’s Diary, available to digital viewers via the Red button.

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  • julie

    I would like to be a part of the castaway 2008 if you are doing another episode. I have good reasobns why I would like to join the 2008 team. Please email me when interviews are taking place.

    Yours sincerely

    julie carrington

  • I would love, love, love to be a member of the next team to be castaway! Being very fed up with the modern way of life i think i need to have everything taken away from me and then mabye i will appreciate what ive got, or perhaps not? Ive always wanted to live on an island, sleep under the stars etc, im a big fan of a camp off…

    Please consider me 🙂

    Lizzy Parker

  • smarty1973

    i would like to apply for the 2008 season of castaway could you please give me any information possible to help me, ie. email addresses or likes to online application forms.

    many thanks.
    j smart

  • jay matthewson

    is there going to b a 2008 series of castaway??
    would really be interested in applying to take part. just want to know how to apply and when to apply by, if there is going to be another series that is!


  • Dave Fox

    Put me on any new Castaway series too! I love the dirt and grime, the squalling egos, the quiet simmerings, the sea, the fishing, the hunger, the community living/loving/hating, the battles with your own mind and the wind in your hair. Take me!

  • Phil

    Will there be another series of castaway?

  • Marcos

    Will there be more? would love to know more on how to get on castaway returns.please please tell me more.

    Many thanks


  • Duane

    i would love to take part in this it was great on tv so would love to know how to apply

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