I Want To Be A WAG - New Reality Series

The latest (there always seems to be a latest every time I come online…) reality series is with MTV and is about a mystery footballer looking for love and a wife… This mysterious footballer is said to be quite famous and looking forward to meeting all of the 20 hopefuls before making up his mind.

The show will air in August.

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  • Emma McGrath

    I wouldl ike to Aplie for this T.V Program please how do i do so?

  • Peps

    How about adding some guns to the show? Need volunteers – welcome to the gun show!

  • lizzie

    oh my god! i want to be a wag.. its not fair.. i want to go on the show!

  • Anonymous

    you even sound like a WAG! You can’t spell!!!

  • Coleese

    im gunna be a WAG on day jus watch out for Dano ?????? i dot no who am marying yet thugh

  • Robynn

    Im Only 14 But I Reli Want To Be A Wag, Not A Dopey Wag, I Still Want To Be A Teacher But if I Was A Wag I Would Be A Family Woman But Also Love Myself…I Mean I Would Have Much Respect For Family Memberss And i Reeeealllyyy Wanna Be A Waag x

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god. This scares me alot, ‘Im Only 14 But I Reli Want To Be A Wag’. I’m 15 and i feel like the only person on the planet who thinks this is disgusting. Little girls are growing up surrounded by people like this. These girls are their role models and they’re being taught that they don’t need a career or ambition. Just a rich guy and lots of handbags.

    Tell me, is WAG short for golddigger?

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