Muscle Worship: Hidden Lives, Documentary on Five - Monday April 6

muscle worship: hidden lives (2/6)
monday, april 6 21.00

Five’s human interest documentary strand continues to explore unusual and sometimes alarming personal tales from across the globe. Examining the bizarre world of female bodybuilders and the adoring male fans they attract, Monday’s compelling edition focuses chiefly on Gayle Moher, one of the world’s leading athletes in the field.

There are only 70 professional female body builders in the world, and Gayle Moher is in the top ten. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her 17year-old daughter, Courtney. Originally from Norwich, she moved to America in the late 80s to pursue her dreams of becoming a bodybuilder. “It’s a sport that people who are not involved in couldn’t possibly understand,” she says.

With little money to be made from tournaments unless she wins, Gayle has to rely on the money she earns from photo shoots and amateur DVD sales. However, the majority of her income stems from ‘personal appointments’ with the legions of male admirers who are willing to pay top dollar for a visit. Monday’s programme follows thirtysomething bus driver Rommel as he happily spends a week’s wages to meet a bikini-clad Gayle for an hour. He gets a massage, has a feel of her bulging biceps, and is even given a vice-like headlock between her sinewy upper thighs. “People can draw their own conclusions, but it is nothing more than people meeting us as bodybuilders,” she insists. “I really don’t care what people think.”

The cameras follow Gayle as she joins fellow bodybuilder Lauren Powers on a muscle-stop tour of Europe, taking in several countries and meeting many private appointments. In London, the musclypair meet 50-year-old parcel sorter Daniel from Bristol, who has made a four-hour coach journey to meet Gayle. He spends virtually all of his money on his hobby, having spent £30,000 in five years on sessions and gifts. “I don’t know why I like muscular women,” he says. “My personal view is that it is just in my genes.” He gets the full treatmentfrom Gayle, who allows him to kiss her biceps and marvel at her rippling torso. Lauren, who is more of an exhibitionist, seems to revel in the attention and welcomes the easy money. Gayle, the more aloof of the two, clearly finds it a strain being away from her teenage daughter and her beloved horse stables in Arizona. “When you’ve done three or four days with five or six sessions a day, I have to admit it does get a bit old sometimes, and you wonder why you’re doing it,” she reflects.

Next stop for the girls is Milan, where they attract a lot of attention on the street. Lauren makes no effort to hide her light under a bushel, and an ordinary stroll down the street becomes an odyssey of beeping horns, waves, stares and comments. “When people see me in public, three things happen,” she says. “Either they have such admiration –which is about 90 per cent of the people –or they feel threatened and intimidated by my appearance. Then there are some people who are completely disgusted.”

Gayle’s trip is rounded off by a visit to her parents in Norwich, who only get to see her a couple of times every year. On this visit, she has even brought them a gift –a copy of her latest DVD, ‘Evil Goddess 2’. How do they feel about their daughter’s career? “If men are stupid enough to pay good money to touch Gayle’s muscles,” says mum Wendy, “then good luck to her.”

Before her world tour ends, Gayle describes a tragic, life-changing moment in her younger days in Norwich –something which may well have contributed to her moving to America and choosing such an unorthodox career. She returns to Arizona looking jaded and homesick –but she is $10,000 richer than when she left and she has made a lot of muscle enthusiasts very happy. All in all, it has been an average fortnight in the life of Gayle Moher.

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  • Kev

    What an interesting show this was! Gail was an amazing woman to have dealt with what she has! You go girl!

  • james adams

    if anyone has any conatct details fr gayle please could you let me know, as the tragic incedent that happened in her life was my dad.

  • Anonymous

    Gail is so buff

  • Anonymous

    hi this is gail moher thanks for the comments you kind worshippers. my biceps have grown by an inch. i have just been at the gym pumping some 300lbs on each arm. CONTACT ME SOON!

    Gail …. MOHERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hi this is gail moher thanks for the comments you kind worshippers. my biceps have grown by an inch. i have just been at the gym pumping some 300lbs on each arm. CONTACT ME SOON!

    Gail …. MOHERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bootilicous

    love the ankle tattoo, can you provide any details on it, thanks

  • Anonymous

    A few years ago I spent about three or four hundred dollars to spend an hour worshipping Gayle Moher’s body in a hotel room in midwestern USA. She’s a sweet enough girl, but the entire thing was ultimately a yawn. I still get turned on by muscular women, but the whole worshipping ritual seemed a bit contrived. Gayle seemed to be going through the posing motions, but who wouldn’t after all these years?

  • No One

    Muscle worship is only worth it if you can afford it AND if only the girl lets you touch her all over body (well, excluding her pussy, which should entirely up to her). The point is, for me to shell out all that cash for a measly 60 minutes, this lady better let me touch more than her biceps. I’ve seen footage of muscle worship sessions where the guy’s hands are just roaming all over her body and he’s just embracing, kissing, and licking her everywhere non-stop! Now THAT shit is worth the money, my friend!

    But if all I’m gonna get to do for 300-400 dollars is kneel before her while lightly running my fingertips against her abs and gingerly squeezing her biceps, then FUCK all that! I’ve got better things to blow my money on and it ain’t this.

  • Anonymouhhdg


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