New documentary: I know what you ate last summer

I know what you ate last summer (1/4), Wednesday 4 April, 20.00

In this new documentary series, six obese British teenagers spend two months at Wellspring Adventure Camp in California – a revolutionary weightloss programme for children. During their stay, the group will be given the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to change their lives forever. It will be an emotional and physical odyssey – and the toughest challenge they have ever faced in their young lives. Wellspring claims that its pioneering approach has long-term results, but will it work for our six?

In this opening programme, we meet the teens who have been picked from hundreds of applicants – Emmanuella, Adam, Lizzie, Alyssa, Nyondo and Jorjie – and hear their stories. After being waved off at the airport by their tearful parents, they can only imagine what lies ahead. Parted from television, junk food and luxuries, they will be camping and trekking round the Californian wilderness, taking lessons in nutrition and eating only 1,200 calories a day – just a fraction of their usual intake.

The group bonds quickly, although there is one member who is finding it harder to integrate. Belfast lad Adam seems subdued, and is dreading life without junk food. He refuses to take part in the first activity – snorkelling in the Pacific – and desperately wants to call his family back home, but camp rules discourage phone calls until two weeks after arrival, based on the notion that contact with home serves only to heighten homesickness. The others, however, embrace the snorkelling challenge – and because it’s such good fun, they hardly realise they’ve been exercising quite hard.

At the end of a long day, everyone sits down to a dinner of egg, burgers and English muffins – or, more specifically, low-fat egg substitute, low-fat buffalo burgers and low-fat muffin. This is one activity Adam will not be missing out on, and he seems delighted with what he’s been given – a far cry from the salad leaves everyone had dreaded. Camp nutritionist Jackie says: “What we’re doing is re-educating the kids on what is healthy and why it’s important to eat low-fat food.”

Next day, the real work starts. Everyone is woken up at 6.30am for some pre-breakfast stretching. Later, it is time for the one-mile challenge, where each participant attempts to cover a mile as fast or slow as they choose. The camp staff deliberately avoid pressurising them, believing that success will only come if they motivate themselves. All of them complete the mile, although Adam is disgusted at how hard he finds it, and Alyssa and Lizzie both walk the entire way and come last. Jorjie and Nyondo, meanwhile, seem to be relishing the competitive side to camp life. Will their good attitude last? A treat of blueberry pancakes – lowfat, of course – is everyone’s reward.

The fact that low-fat food can taste so good is a revelation to all the teenagers. “I think the food here is far better than the food at home. No offence, Mum!” says Nyondo. To reinforce the good habits being instilled, everyone is taken on a trip to the supermarket to study the labels on junk food, where it suddenly dawns on the children exactly how much fat they have been consuming back home. However, it is still hard to resist the many temptations of the shelves. “All this stuff is sinfully good!” says Adam, as he ogles pizzas and ice cream. But like the others, he must return to camp for a dinner of low-fat stir-fry instead.

Most of the kids seem to be buying into Wellspring’s active lifestyle – “I feel different already,” says Lizzie after just three days. But as night falls and the reality that they will be spending a whole two months here sinks in, their personal video diaries reveal their fears and frustrations as well as their hopes and triumphs. Will they all last the course, and if they do, will the experience have a lasting effect for the better?

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  • Anonymous

    my cuz ,mate iz lizzie and emanuella

  • Christina

    I’ve heard that the show is pretty good! I was one of the campers. (Christina) best known for having a forbidden fling with Eddie… LOL.

    I haven’t seen it myself, but I hope you all enjoy it!

  • julie

    I love this program but would love to have the recepies of their meals.

  • Anonymous


  • liam

    how did they get to go to a camp like that looked well good? someone email me:P

  • liam

    how did they get to go to a camp like that looked well good? someone email me:P 😀 plz

  • ashleigh

    I would really like to go on this show is there any kind of contact number.

    or any form i could sign pleas contact me through my email thanks

  • ashleigh

    sorry i forgot to put my email how silly of me lol my email is or thanks

  • OMG, i love this show. It’s really enjoyable and very inspiring! I live in Australia and wish that there was some sort of camp like this where i live! My favourite camper is Adam…he is so cute! 🙂 Has anyone got Adam’s number? lol. I wanna text him <3...luv u Adam!

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