Three in a Bed: Hidden Lives - Monday, April 14

three in a bed: hidden lives (3/6)
monday, 21.00–22.00

How would you feel if your wife got herself a new boyfriend, had his baby and moved him into the house you share? Most people would balk at the idea –but not everyone. This week, Five’s sensational documentary strand gets acquainted with some of the most unusual relationships in Britain –threesomes.

There is a family in South Wales which is markedly different to most homes in the area. As well as four kids, two cats, a bulldog and five ferrets, there are three adults –John, Shanea and Noel. Shanea explains: “I love John. I love Noel. Noel loves me. John loves me.”

John and Shanea married in 1994 and had three children soon after. It was then that Shanea and John decided to have an open marriage, after which Shanea met Noel and fell in love with him. Shanea told husband John all about him and soon after, the two men met. Noel was surprised at how well he and John got on. “We had a drink and hit it off. It’s been like that ever since,” Noel explains. The vast majority of men would not have welcomed another man into their marriages, but John was different –even after Noel got Shanea pregnant. Soon after, Noel and the new arrival Mercy moved into the family home for good. But how does John really feel about sharing his wife with Noel? “He makes her happy,” he says. “Anyone who makes her happy isn’t all that bad.”

Although their lives sound like a bohemian erotic fantasy, the reality is far more humdrum. With four kids to bring up, their lives are hectic and the couples have sparse opportunity to spend ‘quality time’ together. The trio sleep in the same bed, but Noel and John are both heterosexual –the threesome’s first and last drunken experiment together ended in disaster. “It’s not something either of the lads felt comfortable with,” says Shanea. However, she seems perfectly happy with their unorthodox sleeping arrangements. “I love it when they both fall asleep on me,” she enthuses. “I feel so totally at peace.”

The threesome function as a family quite happily, with their older kids fully aware of the situation. As for toddler Mercy, Shanea says: “She refers to John as Dad and Noel as Daddy. That’s the way it will stay.” The threesome are well aware that their set-up is far from regular, and that compared to their peers, their kids have a unusual homelife. They feel, however, that their children are blessed with more love and support than most families are able to offer.

Far away from the provincial environs of the Welsh valleys, another threesome are putting the ‘swinging’ back into London. Twentysomething Aussie librarian Davina married Dean, but on the discovery that she was bisexual, invited fellow librarian Jen into their marriage. And unlike Noel, John and Shanea, this threesome do a lot more than just sleep in their shared bed. All three profess to be having a wonderful time, without any jealousy or insecurity. “I feel we all love each other the same amount and in the same way, so there’s nothing to be jealous about,” says Dean. And how does he feel when the girls exclude him from certain activities? “I get to watch,” smiles Dean. Although life is sweet at the moment for Dean and his two girls, how will his mother feel when she finds out about her son’s triangular love life? Watch as he makes the call home…

Also in Monday’s programme, we see the darker side of threesomes, and meet married couple Sarah and Ben from Southampton, whose marriage did not survive polyamory…

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  • noidea

    I so hope this is available online or is aired outside of UK.

    This looks really interesting and as a person living in a relationship style described above it would be great to see how they live.

    polyamory is not for everyone. But is amazingly brilliant if you can make it work

  • Anonymous

    Haha, Noel, a former Graphics teacher at Copleston High School in Ipswich!


  • Anonymous


  • Mr Froud

    Mr Taylor you sly devil you! 😉

  • Martin Walters

    Get In Mr T!!! Can i join in!!:D

  • Bennis

    My friends think that its funny that you have a 3 relationship. although i quite like the idea. wb xxxxxx

  • Froudy Woudy

    ooohhh yea just like we used to!

  • Curtis Mann

    u sick perverted gay man
    are you the starter or the main course ;);)

  • Curtis Mann

    OOOOO baby this really got me going! If only i knew about this when he lived in Ipswich, i could have been the third man! spiggin Great! By the way i have just passed my driving Test!

  • Ben Copeland

    all those graphic’s lessons and you never admitted it…shame on you noel!

  • Liam O’sullivan

    i used to love it wen u bent over man, back in the day 😉

  • Jamie Richmond

    oooh baby, this ocupies me all day, just the thought 😀

  • Grant Gibson

    Lets send it to robbo

  • Jason Sewell in your graphics class

    harder noel 😉

  • Grant Gibson

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  • JOBE

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  • Linda Fisher

    corr wudn’t mind abit of Noel Taylor 😉

  • Jason Sewell

    there was 3 in a bed and MR Taylor said ROLLOVER – ROLLOVER

    wuv you <3

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  • John Smith

    Why are people putting these message on here? he sounds like a nice man

  • Carlsberg

    I know its terrible innit!

  • Don Paco

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  • Burrup

    i love men can i have taylors number? x

  • J Bizzle

    liverpool rulez

  • Anonymous

    Their eldest daughter Jade goes to my school, they live about 15 minute walk from me but I,ve never seen them!!!!! they must hide!!

  • Bev

    Aww sir we all feel sorry for you
    Hope ur havin a gd tym in Wales
    From Bev

  • Tina

    omg i cant believe this haha i think its so funny
    its a sick funny though teachers should not be on tv saying that stuff haha
    haha Mr Taylor

  • (The REAL) Mr. Taylor

    You’re all a bunch of fooking gits, the lot of you!!! See, I KNOW…even though I’m not about in sunny Ipswich anymore!! Liam: hope you’re doing well. Curtis: Congrats on passing your test, just remind me to stay off the roads in Suffolk!; Jason: Thanks for the wuv, ya freak! And Bev, I’m having a great time, thanks for asking!

    Laters guys!


  • Jen Solo

    Who are the ignorant people making many of the comments above? Can’t they type or write properly?

    I thought it was a good programme. I’m a bit biased as my own marriage has recently collapsed with poly being a complicating factor, but I still believe polyamory can be a positive thing for those who practice it with good intentions. Honesty and communication are the main keys, with a healthy dose of willingness to learn about yourself and others and work hard to improve any problem areas. If you’re selfish, as my husband was, you’ll learn that it doesn’t work that way. Best of luck to all the programme participants in the coming weeks. The scrutiny from media, public and peers can be difficult.

  • Jen Solo

    Oops, that should be ‘ignorant comments BELOW’. They are using a reverse-time post filter.

  • (THE REAL) Slim Shady

    yea init u gurs are WACK !

  • Anonymous

    Well they do live in Wales which might explain the behavior.

  • Matthew Baker

    Hi Mr Taylor!!!!! I saw the program, hope you haven’t forgotten me and hope you have still got the card me and Jake Fisk (hope you remember him) made for you on your last day at Copleston.
    Sadly his sick father in London has taken a turn for the worse, things are looking bleak right now.
    I came down to Port Talbot last October, we have a job going on down at the industrial estate, not sure if you know where I mean or how near to there you are.
    Anyway, if you get this message feel free to email me at
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Matthew Baker (Probably your worst EVER student)

  • Anonymous

    HI jade has red hair that might be a bigger explination

  • Anonymous

    nar i dnt finks soooo hahah 😛 wales is a fat placce :P:P:P:P:p

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha ha we always knew that jade was well wierd!!!!!!!!!!

    Would i let my boyfriend sleep wid ma husband NNNNOOOOO

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    no teachers should be like this i feel sorry for his ex students

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Ahh the joys of Anon comments ey kids!

    I fail to see why you feel the boyfriend is a pervert.
    Seeing as there is no sexual interaction between him and the husband you cannot even go for the “gay” angle.

    He appears just to be living with his girlfriend and their daughters.
    Not very weird at all.

    As for the comments about Jade, anonymous online abuse of a 14 year old girl…tut tut kiddies.
    Havent you got a playground to be trawling for little kids and their dinner money?

  • Anonymous

    I do believe the documentary covered the fact that there is no sexual interaction between the two men so I feel you are barking up the wrong tree there.
    Although even if they were I hardly see being gay as “sick”

  • Anonymous

    Sarah was a FUCKING SLUT and a LOUSY PERSON! Her personality was more revolting than her creepy face. Ben said he’d never commit to at single person again. How the hell can anyone treat another person like that and scar that person for life?
    Good Ben woke up.
    Seriously, Ben, maybe you feel like it, but you’ve absolutely lost nothing; Sarah belongs in the sewer. Rats are polyamorists, guess she’d really like it down there. At least the smell would make her feel home.

  • leighshade

    Good luck to john,shanea and noel and yes i understand that the children can only benefit from having another party that loves and protects like only a parent can.I have been in your shoes and after twenty years with a partner,we then introduced permenantly his best friend who we both loved.The men slept either side and were not stood still for a while cuz one got nicked,so the friend kept a distance and on release thought it was best to comply with the norm,so we did to my forever regret as within twelve months the friend was dead and it feels like such a loss.So john,shanea and noel enjoy life and ignore the bigots,cuz life is too damn short to worry about what others think,know your doing the best by all,and grab the opportunity before you lose long an happy.

  • Anonymous
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