Everybody Hates Chris - Sunday May 6

everybody hates chris

everybody hates elections (3/23);
everybody hates a liar (4/23)

Continuing its second season on Five is comedian Chris Rock’s acclaimed semi-autobiographical sitcom set in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York. The action takes place in the early 1980s and revolves around the antics of 14-year-old Chris and his family.

Chris (Tyler James Williams) is a smart, happygo-lucky kid who has to rely on his wits to escape the pitfalls that teenage life invariably throws at him. His sassy mother, Rochelle (Tichina Arnold) is quirky and bossy, while his anxious father Julius (Terry Crews) works various jobs and worries about money. Completing the family are Chris’s younger brother Drew (Tequan Richmond) and sister Tonya (Imani Hakim). Chris Rock narrates.

The first part of tonight’s opening double bill is ‘Everybody Hates Elections,’ in which Chris puts all his efforts into winning the class presidency. It proves to be more difficult than he had hoped, however, when Chris realises he will have to write and perform a speech to his electorate. Although he replaces Greg on the ticket with a more popular student, Greg is still around to help Chris behind the scenes and comes up with a campaign poster to help target the “swing voters.” By this Chris thinks he means the white kids. Greg clearly thinks Chris’s best chance of winning is to not feature his face on the posters at all!

When it comes to speech time, Chris thinks he is going to do well –until rival Caruso steals his speech on his way to the podium! “You can’t go out there,” says Greg sadly after Caruso delivers the rousing speech he stole. “You don’t have a speech. You’re going to lose.” “I’m not going to win if I stay back here,” says Chris. His only chance now is to ad-lib his way to class presidency…

Also in this episode, the local funeral director Mr Omar moves in upstairs –and seems to have a string of recently widowed beauties on his arm. Rochelle and Julius are even less impressed when Omar rudely invites himself down for dinner. And Drew finds and spends $10 that Rochelle lost in the apartment –something he may later regret…

In the second episode tonight, ‘Everybody Hates a Liar’, Chris offends Tasha, the pretty girl next door, when he does little to dispel rumours that he and Tasha are an item. Tasha recently moved into the apartment block with her stern grandmother Louise (Whoopi Goldberg). She befriends Chris when he kills a mouse she finds in her closet and pecks him on the cheek for his troubles. Onlooker Jerome takes this as a sign that Chris and Tasha are a couple –something that Chris is not in a hurry to refute! News spreads quickly around the neighbourhood, and soon Chris has a hurt Tasha and a livid Louise to reckon with. Julius tries to explain where Chris went wrong. “If you do something, you should never say anything,” he explains. “If you don’t do something, and you don’t say anything, that means you did something. Even if you did nothing.” Chris is confused!

Also in this episode, Julius must redeem all his trade stamps when he learns that the company who sells them is set to close. And Drew is disconsolate because he cannot seem to win any attention from Rochelle.

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