Friday Night Fever – John Travolta dances with Ricky Gervais

Friday Night Fever – John Travolta dances with Ricky Gervais
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, 10.40 pm, Friday 30 March 2007, BBC One

Hollywood superstar John Travolta flies himself in to re-live his Oscar-nominated success in the legendary Saturday Night Fever with Jonathan Ross on this week’s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC One.

After sharing the Ross sofa with Ricky Gervais on tonight’s show he’s offered a guest-starring role in Ricky’s final-ever episode of Extras, and says: “I’ll probably do anything Ricky Gervais says.”

And they bonded by sharing a disco moment, with John reprising his Seventies dance moves and Ricky revamping his equally iconic sequence from The Office.

Travolta, whose latest blockbuster Wild Hogs opens in the UK on 13 April, also talks about his love of flying: “I can live on my plane, I love acting first and flying just happens to be another passion for me.”

On how he wanted to be James Bond, he says: “I wanted to do James Bond but the new guy is awesome, the one I’ve liked the most since Sean Connery”.

On turning 50: “I didn’t go through a mid-life crisis but you start wondering how many summers you have left, it took me about a year to get over [being 50].”

And on Scientology, in particular its controversial stance on childbirth and the need for silence, he says: “I’ve been involved 32 years and it’s given me all the tools to survive in life that I need … usually a person like me has self-destructed … it’s pretty simple stuff, there’s a need to avoid ‘verbage’, it’s just better to be quiet.”

There’s also exclusive chat with Gareth Gates – “I was very very nervous about doing this” – in his first-ever talk show appearance.

The Pop Idol star talks to Jonathan about overcoming his stutter: “It was really hard growing up in school with a stammer, you go through stages of using different tricks [just] to get the words out. I sounded like Skippy the bush kangaroo … all my life having a stammer was very difficult, I was ridiculed and bullied.”

He also talks about the impact of Pop Idol on his life: “For the first time in my life it was a positive thing, it made me stand out from the crowd.”

On why his speech defect never affected his singing, he says: “You adopt a different persona, it’s like a show.”

And how he’s overcome it: “Breathing techniques, lots of breathing exercises, you achieve a certain level of fluency … three years ago I made a list of my goals speech-wise, and doing this show was top of the list.”

Gareth’s new single Changes is released on 9 April.

Ricky Gervais takes a break from his new sell-out nationwide tour, Fame, to make a return visit.

And there’s music from Grammy award-winning Macy Gray with a performance of her new single Finally Made Me Happy live in the studio.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross is a Hotsauce TV/Open Mike production for BBC One.

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  • jules

    i loved this show and have been trying to download it as john and ricky were so funny, anyone have any idea’s as to where i can get it from, its not on You Tube, cant see why it would off been removed by bbc and john travolta

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