I know what you ate last summer - Moment of Truth

Wednesday 25 April

i know what you ate last summer (4/4) 20.00–21.00

Concluding tonight is this documentary series which has been following six obese British teenagers as they spend two potentially lifechanging months at Wellspring Adventure Camp in California. In tonight’s programme, Adam reaches breaking point; the teens face the moment of truth at their final weigh-in; and we revisit the group two months after they get home to see how they’ve been getting on since leaving Wellspring.

With only one week left until they leave the supportive, safe atmosphere of Wellspring, the six teenagers have one more challenge to get through. They’re going to be undertaking an eight-mile hike into the Sierra Nevada mountains – but this time there won’t be any horses to carry them if things get tough, and the teens will have to tote their own backpacks. Adam, who has been coming up with excuse after excuse to avoid exercise, doesn’t want to go, blaming his foot injury – but when a doctor gives him the all-clear and a call to his parents fails to get him off the trek, Adam realises that he is just going to have to knuckle down and get on with it.

As the trek begins, Adam is struggling because his fitness levels are well behind those of the other teens. But he keeps going, as does Emmanuella, who has also struggled and did the last trek on horseback. Also doing well is Alyssa, who refused point-blank to come on the first trek. This time, everyone makes it to the top.

Back at base, the group are about to face their final fitness test: the timed mile, which will show the teens how much their fitness has improved over the course of their time at Wellspring. Jorjie knocks five minutes off her time, while Alyssa walks the mile but still manages to reduce her original time by ten minutes. Adam has also cut his time and is very pleased with himself: “I’ve got a stitch and I’m sore, but I feel great!”

The teens’ fitness has clearly improved, but how will they fare at the final weigh-in? Has a daily regime of 10,000 steps and 1,200 calories been worth it? As the group take it in turns to step onto the scales, they find out that it certainly has. Lizzie, who threw herself into the programme from day one, has lost an astonishing 43.3 pounds, while her sister Emmanuella has lost 32.4. Nyondo has lost 32.4, and Alyssa, who knows that she could have lost more, has still managed to lose 27 pounds. Jorjie has lost 22, and Adam is down 32.2.

Everyone is pleased with themselves – they’ve all achieved a huge amount in the two months that they have spent at Wellspring. After a clothesshopping session – which, for the first time in years, the teens have found to be a fun activity – the group have one more seminar with behavioural coach Whitney to get some advice on how to handle their imminent return home. The past two months have seen the establishment of firm friendships, and the group are apprehensive about leaving the support network that they have built up at Wellspring. However, the staff are well aware of the challenges that the teens are about to face, and are not going to let them go home without the tools they need to cope. “We’ve been preparing the kids for this point from day one,” says camp director Ryan.

When the group’s family and friends greet them at the airport, they can’t believe their eyes – Jorjie’s mother says that she doesn’t even recognise her daughter! But when the initial euphoria has dissipated, how will our six teens cope with normal life? We revisit them two months on to find out if they’ve turned back into lazy junk-food addicts – or whether they have built on their amazing achievement and kept up the good work.

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