Prison Break - Monday May 14

prison break
wash (18/22)

The acclaimed prison escape drama continues. In tonight’s episode, Michael attempts to make contact with an ally, Mahone gives Bellick another job to do, C-Note is faced with a terrible choice, and T-Bag finds a therapy session very useful.

With the recording finally in their hands, Michael, Lincoln and Sara breathlessly listen to the conversation that could exonerate Lincoln and put a stop to the Company’s antics. But no matter how irrefutable and damning this evidence is, the problem lies in getting the recording to someone who they can trust. Knowing that the recording will be discredited if it falls into the wrong hands, Michael announces that the only chance they have is to hand the tape over to someone in the government who is on their side. Lincoln suggests Jane, the agent who worked with his father and is looking after LJ. She gives the brothers the name of Cooper Green, an old ally of their father, and a meeting with Green is set up.

After ensuring that Green arrives at the meeting point free from hidden microphones and unwanted company, Lincoln is satisfied that Michael is about to meet the man who could help them – until Sara calls and frantically tells him that the real Cooper Green has just arrived at his office. Will Michael realise that the man he is about to meet is an imposter – or will he hand over the one thing that could set all of them free?

Mahone, meanwhile, has received word that the brothers are in Chicago. When he wonders why they would have come here, so close to the prison they escaped from, Agent Kim loses patience and tells him to hurry up and find Michael. “You’re asking why the deer walked into your cross-hairs?” he asks sarcastically. “Just take the shot, Mahone.” He also tells Mahone that this means C-Note is now surplus to requirements, as his help is no longer needed to find Michael, and orders him to bring about “a death with no questions.” Mahone reluctantly visits C-Note and tells him that if he does not use the contents of a package soon to be delivered to his cell, his wife will be sent back to prison and their daughter’s medical care stopped. “I will ruin their lives,” promises Mahone. “Don’t make me.” Will C-Note take the hint?

While C-Note considers his fate, T-Bag cheerfully remains in control of his –for now. Having spotted an advertisement for a therapist who bears a striking resemblance to him, he pays him a visit and wastes no time in dispatching the poor man before assuming his identity and heading to the airport to buy a first-class, one-way ticket to Bangkok. He does not mind that he will have to take a couple of connecting flights, but is unsettled to find out that his baggage – which contains Westmoreland’s millions – is too heavy to be taken on as handluggage. The fate of his bag is the least of his worries, however: on the same flight is Bellick, who has been dispatched by Mahone to track down Sucre. It is only a matter of time before the two old enemies come face-to-face…

Also this week, Sucre and Maricruz make it to a safe haven. “I told you everything was going to work out,” Sucre smiles, looking forward to an idyllic future… unaware that it may soon feature a visit from Bellick. Michael and Lincoln realise that all may not be lost. And Kellerman pays his sister (Tina Holmes, ‘Six Feet Under’) a visit as he prepares to make things right.

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