Angela's Eyes - Saturday June 9

angela’s eyes
in god’s eyes (3/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is this US drama series focusing on the work of Angela Henson – an FBI agent who works as a human lie detector, divining whether someone is lying by looking into their eyes.This week, a wealthy socialite takes cover in a church after a fatal shooting at her home, and Angela’s brother tries to persuade her to make amends with their mother.

When police are called to the home of socialite Patricia Martin, they are told that the victim, identified as recently released ex-con Frank Mitchum, was accidentally shot by his own gun during a struggle. However, holes soon appear in the self-defence version of events when it transpires that Mitchum was shot outside – which is not where he was found. The mystery deepens further when Patricia vanishes from her home and seeks refuge in a church. If the shooting really was self-defence, why is Patricia running?

Angela and Leo want to get inside the church to speak to Patricia, but the priest is “connected downtown” which makes it surprisingly difficult to get a warrant to enter the building. Undeterred, Angela promises the priest, Father Robert Malone, that she will get inside “one way or another” – and sure enough, it is not long before a warrant is granted thanks to some handy security camera footage proving that Patricia never left the church.

Leo, meanwhile, has been delving into the dead man’s past and has found out that Frank Mitchum, Patricia Martin and Robert Malone all grew up together in the same foster home. He also discovers that Mitchum had been thrown out of thehome for assaulting another boy. Who was that boy, and does the incident have a connection with Mitchum’s death?

Confronted with the warrant, Father Malone agrees to talk to Angela and Leo and acknowledges that Patricia had been seeking refuge in his church. His claims that she has left are backed up when a thorough search of the premisesfails to turn up the fugitive, but how can she have left undetected by the security cameras? The answer arrives when Angela realises that Patricia had escaped dressed as a nun – and works out that Tim, a man with learning difficulties who worksfor Father Malone, helped her leave.

Malone says that he had told Tim to keep quiet about Patricia’s presence at the church, and explains that Patricia had not come forward because she had some “prior business” to attend to. He confesses that he and Patricia had been in a relationship when they were both at the foster home –a fact that had always enraged the jealous Mitchum. Clearly something happened between the three of them back then, but when Patrica herself calls and announces that she is going to turn herself in, Angela and Leo are still in the dark. “What happened in that foster home that you are trying to cover up?” asks Angela. All may be revealed when the team locate another former resident of the home, who throws some muchneeded light on the past –but he may also be about to help Frank Mitchum’s real killer disappear.

Also this week, Angela’s no-good brother Jerry turns up again, this time asking her for a loan to cover a $25,000 gambling debt. Furious, Angela is also unhappy to learn from Jerry that their mother, in prison for espionage, has been asking for her. Can Angela put the hurt and betrayal of her troubled past behind her and give her estranged mother a second chance?

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