Coming Soon: Beat it: Addicted to Asda

beat it: addicted to asda

Beat It is a new documentary series following members of the public as they attempt to overcome a variety of psychological difficulties. The series shows how counselling, training and advice from top psychologists can help people battle the demons that have taken over their lives.

The first episode in the series, ‘Addicted to Asda’ tells the story of 24-year-old mother Amanda, who has developed an uncontrollable shopping addiction. After being brutally attacked seven years ago, Amanda found sanctuary in her local Asda, where her mum works. Only there did she feel safe from the outside world: “It’s my own little way of getting away from things,” she says.

But Amanda’s safe haven soon turned into a nightmare when she found that she could not stop spending –buying endless clothes that she did not need. “It’s like something inside me just takes control,” she confesses. Having run up a staggering £14,000 debt, Amanda has finally decided to get help. She has enrolled in a course of therapy run by one of Britain’s top psychologists, Dr John McGovern, who has no doubts about the seriousness of her plight: “This is something that wrecks people’s lives,” he says.

If she is to confront her obsession, Amanda must deal with trauma of her original attack for the first time. The jouney will not be easy, but Dr McGovern recognises that Amanda is “brave, intelligent and strong”. Can he channel those strengths towards her recovery? Other programmes in the series are ‘The Boy with a Stammer’ and ‘Angry with my Father’.

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