Everybody Hates Chris - Sunday June 10

everybody hates chris
everybody hates the substitute (13/23);
everybody hates snow day (14/23)

Continuing its second season on Five is comedian Chris Rock’s acclaimed semi-autobiographical sitcom set in Brooklyn, New York. Chris Rock narrates the action, which takes place in the early 1980s and revolves around the antics of 14-yearold Chris and his family.

In tonight’s first episode, Chris has to deal with an overzealous substitute teacher who pushes him to do better; Tonya finds a new way to get what she wants; and Julius clashes with his neighbour.

When Chris’s patronising teacher Mrs Morello goes on sabbatical, she is replaced by a whole string of substitutes. “We’d had just about every kind of substitute we could think of,” Chris says, “except one: a black one.” The intensely clever Mr Newton takes over the class, and singles out Chris for special treatment. He decides that Chris’s B–grade could be better: “Starting tomorrow,” he says, “I’m going to get some brains into that head of yours!” And so Chris is forced into a brutal regime of learning – and is even made to wear a T-shirt bearing a ‘B–’ logo to remind him of his grade.

Chris’s misery is compounded when Mr Newton sets the class a test – and warns him that if he does not score in the 90th percentile, he will have to repeat the year. Chris decides there is only one solution: “Since I was tired of getting heat from Mr Newton, the best thing to do was to get him fired.”

Also in this episode, Tonya hits on a scheme for getting her own way, by claiming that Drew has hit her. And Julius has problems with his neighbour, Mr Omar, who keeps asking to use his phone.

In tonight’s second episode, Chris finds himself snowbound at school with only his principal for company; Mr Omar babysits Tony and Drew; and Rochelle is held up at gunpoint on the subway.

A blizzard descends on New York and closes all the schools. Unfortunately for Chris, he only learns this when he arrives at school to find no one there – except for his peculiar principal, Mr Edwards (Jason Alexander, ‘Seinfeld’). The principal says he cannot let Chris go home, because he needs parental consent – and with the phone lines down, there is no way to get it.

Mr Edwards decides to teach Chris as if it were a normal school day, and even takes a full class register, despite the fact there is only one student in the room. Chris is especially dismayed when Mr Edwards sets him a quiz on Pearl Harbor: “Consider it a surprise,” Mr Edwards suggests – “just like Pearl Harbor.” Finally Chris begs to be allowed out of class: “I’m the only person in the entire city that’s in school,” he says. “Why should I take classes?” A defeated Mr Edwards allows Chris to leave – only for him to find the weather is impassable. Chris and Mr Edwards are stuck with only each other for company.

Also in this episode, Julius ventures into the snow to bring Chris home when he finds out that his school has been cancelled – leaving Mr Omar in charge of Drew and Tonya. Mr Omar’s hopes of sneaking out and returning to his lady friend upstairs are dashed when he is lured into a game of Monopoly. And across town, Rochelle is held up at gunpoint on a subway train that has stopped in the tunnel. As arguments break out between the passengers, Rochelle takes the time to give the gunman a piece of her mind: “Didn’t your mother teach you better than to go around robbing people?” she asks. Has the robber bitten off more than he can chew?

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    what is the song played in this episode when chris sings?

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