Everybody Hates Chris - Sunday June 3

everybody hates chris
everybody hates eggs (11/23);
everybody hates hall monitors (12/23)

Continuing its second season on Five is comedian Chris Rock’s acclaimed semi-autobiographical sitcom set in Brooklyn, New York. Chris Rock narrates the action, which takes place in the early 1980s and revolves around the antics of 14-yearold Chris and his family.

In tonight’s first episode, Chris is given an unusual homework assignment, while Julius tries to find out why the electricity bill is so high.

Chris is about to fulfil one of Rochelle’s biggest fears for her children – bringing a baby home. Fortunately, it is just Chris’s latest school project. His teacher has divided the class into pairs and given each set of ‘parents’ an egg to look after in lieu of a real baby, but Chris is a ‘single father’ and has been given a brown egg so he can ‘relate’. Shaking his head in despair, Chris takes his ‘child’ home with every intention of leaving it in the fridge for the week.

When Rochelle finds out that Chris is planning on cheating, she is appalled. “You are gonna do this assignment and you are going to do it right,” she informs her son sternly. And to ensure that he gets the full child-care experience, Rochelle adds touches like waking Chris up in the middle of the night to ‘feed’, ‘change’ and ‘wind’ his baby.

Chris embraces the challenge and takes the egg with him wherever he goes. Greg, however, takes a more whole-hearted approach, building a crib for his egg and arguing with its ‘mother’ about whether it should go to Harvard or Yale.

Disaster strikes for Chris when he briefly takes his eyes off his egg at work and it goes missing. He must now come up with an inventive way of covering up his negligence, but can he pull it off?

Also in this episode, Julius is puzzled when the electricity bill is higher than normal and goes around trying to save power wherever he can, including taking a Polaroid of the inside of the fridge so Rochelle will not have to have the door open to see what’s inside. He finally gets to the root of the problem when it transpires that a terrified Tonya has been sleeping with the lights on – could Drew’s stories about werewolves possibly have something to do with this?

In tonight’s second episode, Chris gets a taste of power when he becomes a hall monitor, Julius upsets Rochelle when he gives her some unwanted advice, and Tonya realises that her friends are more interested in Drew than her.

When Chris is made a hall monitor, he looks forward to finally getting some respect at school. But as he marches the halls with his citation book and armband, Chris realises that these new accessories are not going to make the other kids treat him any differently. This becomes readily apparent when two boys beat him up with his book and bundle him into a locker. But when Chris changes his tactics and introduces a new zero-tolerance approach, students and teachers alike start to wonder if he has gone too far. “You’re like a dog with citation rabies!” explains Greg. “We’re all scared of you!” Can Chris find another way of getting the students to respect him?

At home, Julius has got himself into trouble by daring to make a suggestion to ‘Hurricane Rochelle’ when she comes in ranting about her job. And Tonya tells her friends not to come over to play anymore when she realises that they are more interested in gazing at Drew than hanging out with her. It is up to Drew to work out a solution…

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