Everybody Hates Chris - Sunday May 27

everybody hates chris
everybody hates superstition (9/23);
everybody hates kris (10/23)

Continuing its second season on Five is comedian Chris Rock’s acclaimed semi-autobiographical sitcom set in Brooklyn, New York. The action takes place in the early 1980s and revolves around the antics of 14-year-old Chris and his family.

Chris is a smart kid who relies on his wits to escape the pitfalls of teenage life. His mother, Rochelle, is quirky and bossy, while his father, Julius, works various jobs and worries about cash. Completing the family are Chris’s younger brother Drew and sister Tonya. Chris Rock narrates.

In tonight’s first episode, Julius’s lucky socks seem to work their magic for Chris, and Tonya and Drew conspire to get their parents to buy them the things they want.

When Chris borrows Julius’s garish red and yellow ‘lucky’ socks, things immediately start going his way: he receives a dollar from a mugger, a pretty girl talks to him on the bus, and even the school bullies leave him alone. “Things were going so well, I almost felt white!” Chris declares.

But then Chris wakes up one morning to find his socks –and his luck –gone. “Those socks were stinking up this whole room, so I got them out of here,” Rochelle says. The timing could not be worse: Chris has a history test that day, and has not bothered to study for it. It is down to Julius to dispense some wisdom: “Those socks aren’t lucky,” he tells Chris, before encouraging him to make his own luck. “Do you think it was lucky when Rocky beat Mr T?” he adds. Feeling inspired, Chris draws upon his father’s speech in his history test.

Also in this episode, Tonya wants a pink carpet and Drew wants a new suit, so they decide to try the “oldest parent trick in the book” as Chris describes it: “When one parent says no, just ask the other one!” Will Rochelle and Julius figure it out?

Tonight’s second episode is a Christmas edition, in which Chris struggles with the flu; Julius takes a job as Santa Claus; and Tonya and Drew try to earn good presents.

Chris has entered a scheme at Goldsteins department store to buy top-of-the-line presents for his family, but he still needs to raise $35. Unfortunately, he is coming down with the flu. Desperate to earn the money in time, Chris takes a second job with his dad, only to collapse and end up in hospital. There, he meets a grumpy man called Kris in the bed next to him, who tries to show him that his problems could be worse. But is Chris still delirious from his fever?

Julius, meanwhile, has found a job as the first black Santa Claus at Goldsteins, but his finance conscious remarks do not go down well with the children: “You’re going to bankrupt your entire family just because you want a puppy?” he asks one girl.

Also in this episode, Tonya and Drew make themselves helpful around the house in a last ditch attempt to earn themselves good presents. But Rochelle and Julius are gobsmacked when they discover their wish list of presents: “They must think I’m Santa Claus for real!” Julius cries.

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