Vanished - Sunday June 10

the tunnel (2/13)

Continuing this week is the intriguing new US series revolving around the disappearance of Sara Collins, the wife of Georgia senator Jeffrey Collins. After Sara vanishes from a charity event, the ensuing search unearths secrets at the heart of one of the country’s most prominent families. In tonight’s episode, the trail leads the FBI into a trap, and Kelton delves further into the connection between the Collins case and the recent discovery of another missing woman.

After Senator Collins makes a public appeal for information on his wife’s whereabouts, promising a $2million reward, the FBI hotline is flooded with thousands of tip-offs – including one from Peter Manning, a Massachusetts man who claims that he knew Sara 12 years ago as ‘Nicky Johnson’. While Peter’s information is put into the system, Agent Kelton orders surveillance footage to be collected from the 8,000-plus downtown security cameras in the hopes of finding out where Sara was taken.

The FBI use the footage to track the route of the car that took Sara from hotel, and trace it to a tunnel. Closing off the tunnel, the FBI begin to explore the maze of internal ducts and crosspassages, hoping that Sara is alive in one of them. Her bloody fingerprint on a wall leads Kelton and another agent into one tunnel, where a handprint and a scrap of dress material are found. But these clues seem to be far too convenient – and Kelton’s suspicions are confirmed when he spots the flashing light of a bomb. Just as the second agent notices a ‘9’ scrawled on the wall, the bomb detonates and causes the tunnel to collapse.

Somehow making it out alive, Kelton snatches up a Bluetooth headset from the rubble and notices that the manhole cover directly above him is numbered 929 – a number which he later links to Nathan, the young kidnap victim who he failed to save.

The tragic case of Nathan is also connected to the death of Amanda McNeal, the former mayor’s wife who disappeared ten years ago and was recently found dead, holding a prayer card of Saint Nathan. When Kelton calls Curtis McNeal in to identify his wife’s body, he asks him where he was on the night of Sara’s disappearance. McNeal admits he has no alibi but tells Kelton that he would do well to direct his attention to the senator. “You think you know what’s going on,” he adds. “You haven’t sucked one drop of the tip of that iceberg.”

Blaming himself for his wife’s death, the former mayor then shoots himself dead in front of a horrified Kelton. It appears that McNeal’s wife was killed because he would not hand over some information –and Mei and Kelton wonder if the senator is making the same mistake. “If I don’t get complete cooperation from your family now,” Kelton tells Collins, baldly, “Sara’s going to end up as dead as Amanda McNeal.”

Marcy, meanwhile, is panicking. Having discovered a bloody shirt and a bag of cash in her boyfriend Ben’s apartment, she is starting to wonder if Ben had something to do with her stepmother’s disappearance. After a mysterious man snatches the cash from her car, hissing “How well do you know your boyfriend?”, Marcy takes a piece of the bloody cloth to Kelton and demands that he test it against Sara’s DNA. Are her worst fears about to be realised?

Elsewhere, Max goes to meet his mother, desperate to find out why the FBI want to talk to her. Sara’s mother convinces Judy Nash to play the answerphone message suggesting that something was not right between Sara and the senator. And Peter Manning heads to Atlanta to find out what happened to ‘Nicky’… but will anyone listen to him?

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