Britain's Got Talent - Cardiff and Manchester Auditions

Welcome to Britain’s Got Talent. The show that sets out to find Britain’s bightest new act and change their life forever. Ant & Dec are our hosts. It was going to be Paul O’Grady but he’s left ITV for Channel 4. Every night for the next 9 nights we’ll bring you all the action from the 50,000 applicants. They’ll all be competing for the incredible prize of an appearance at this year’s royal variety performance in front of Her Majesty, The Queen.

Cardiff folk have turned up in their thousands and there is every type of act imaginable. From dancing children to singing dogs. The one difference with these auditions is that they’re taking place in front of a live audience.

The three Britain’s Got Talent judges are Mr Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. During the auditions, the judges have a red button each. If one of the judges hits their button then a red cross will light up. If a contestant gets three red crosses then their time is up and their audition is over and it’s time for the judges to decide on whether they will be going through to the next round.

27 year old Damon Scott says he’s unique and no one can do what he does. He has a monkey that sings Michael Jackson. He’s kind of like a ventriliquist, only better. He brings the house down and gets a standing ovation. The crowd loves him. The judges love him. It was super entertaining. He’s through to the next round.

Katie with Rupert the piano playing pig are up next. It’s a bit of a laugh when Simon, who is obviously not impressed, hits his button and scares the pig. It’s not very tuneful when he gets to play the piano but it does prove that he’s a smart animal. Afterwards, Piers says that Simon likes to be the only smart pig in the room.

South Wales Cellphone salesman Paul is here to fulfil his dream of singing opera. He’s very good. Simon didn’t seem interested at the start but once he opened his mouth to sing he was drawn in. The crowd goes beserk. Simon says he wasn’t expecting it at all and thought he was fantastic. He’s through to the next round.

Manchester is the next stop for this travelling circus. Simon is annoyed that there is no talent in Manchester. He’s so annoyed he’s thinking he should pack his bags and head back to America. That is before the 27 piece dance troupe MD Productions walks in. Their members are aged between 13 and 24 and all they want to do is dance. Once again the audience goes crazy. The judges love it and think it was sensational.

10 year old Jake Pratt is a budding comedian. He’s a funny wee chap. Simon thought the comedy routine was great but the singing was rubbish.

Unlike other contestants 17 year old Craig Mansley has been trying to keep his talent a secret as his parents thought it was only something girls do. He’s a baton twirler. They like him and think he’s fantastic and think his parents would have been extremely proud of them.

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  • Anonymous

    i think there were loads of people that auditioned with real talent but they got cast aside to make way for connie talbot and paul potts i mean come on to be fair paul deserved it but why all the kick up about connie plenty of kids can sing like that if not better and to be honest she sounded like a drowning cat lol

  • Anonymous

    Britains got talent ive seen more talent in my little toe and thats saying something

  • Anonymous

    I was recently at the Cradiff auditions for the both shows.
    I have to say how FANTASTIC the singing Nunn was. Nichola did a STUNNING performance of I will follow him and even manged to turn a “vile, cruel” audience in to an audience of fun and energy, She was SUPERB. Regardless of what the judges thought, she certainly had the crowd going and I hope to god she makes it through to the live shows. She’s def got my vote! Go Nic. x

  • Anonymous

    Hii me and my friends at school would liek to know where we can audition for britans got talent any help would be very appreciated Thanks,Lauren

  • holly

    hi i have never missed i britins got talent show i am 9 years old my name is called holly my bithday is 25 of august and i would like to go on britins got talent with my freind and i would like to go on it because my mum and step dad are deaf and i get picked on with people saying you cant dance because your mum and dad are deaf and all i want to prove to them that i can dance wether my mum and dad are deaf or not

  • rachel

    i wish i could go on britians got talent and hopefully win it but what i am scared of his forgetting my words and showing myself up on stage and plus i wish i could have the convence to go on britia got talent i hopefully will someday i really do widh i can get the convence to bring myself to the auditions

    rachel skivington xxx

  • brawley

    that was fantasticlly gayyyyy,.

  • Livvy

    george sampson is fit a f#@k Mannnn

    I have applied for britians got talent but i dont no if i would be picked and get through the aditions. evan if i get to the semi-final or evan just the adition on tv i would be happy i just have to get through the first 3 ones off telle hopefully i would win1 wish me luck lavelyss (L)

    Livvy Nash

  • stella

    Hi Livvy
    Can you tell me where i can take my little boy for the next audition in london. i tried looking on inernet but no info.
    Also when is the next auditions for this year 2008?
    Thank you

  • JS

    whats the website to sign up for britains got talent in manchester/blackpool? 😛

  • Boobalina

    we want to sign up for 2009, but dont know how! plz can u tell us how to and get back to me A.S.A.P please.thanks xx

  • Anonymous

    go on xx thanks for the comment livvy x

  • louise

    hi my name is louise and i was wondering if i could audition in next year britain got talent but i live in london so where would it be? can u please get back to me. by the way love the show i am gald george won it this year he deserved it.
    thank you
    frm louisexxxxx

  • louise

    it dosent work ur address
    frm louisexxx

  • carly

    i would love to go on britains got talent i wanted to go on this year but i couldnt hopefully i will one day. Everyone has a dream and this turns out a dream i would like to achieve. im 14 years of age and im doing my options at school for a yea now this is to suppose to give you an idea of what you would like to do in the future. but the most thing i would lke to do is dancing and one day i would like to see thousands of people watch me dance as this is a dream for people and mostly if i made it to dance in front of the queen. but really all i would like to know if i have got the talent in me some where. thankyou for reading of what i would like to say

  • bethany t

    this site is well shit make a new 1 and george sampsons ewwwwwwwwwww hhahahahahahahaha your all gay people so get a life and stop dreaming that ur gona go on britans got talent hahahahahahaha ur not talented mwahahahahahah lol(L)

  • William Crane

    This is William Crane
    so can i please be told how to sign up for britains got talent because im bursting to get in ..

  • amy louise

    hi my name is amy and i love to sing mi gran told me i was good and i wont to go on tv and do it for mi gran as she died and i wont to prove i can sing i am only 14 yrs old plzzzzzzzzzzz i wont to come on to britains got talent

  • Anonymous

    Shut up youstupid bitch, go and suck on one, just because u ain’t got any talent. No one likes you so go and do one. you stupid self vivhous cow!!!!!!!! I hate you!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi I auditioned the other week and I haven’t got any details yet. I went to Cardiff. But I got told they call back in early February?
    Any ideas?
    Please tell. THANKS!

  • Anonymous


  • Cara

    I recently applied for Bgt n it said that we would hear back in Feb but my dad went on this website which said that all the auditions were finishing by the end of Jan n i meen i dont mind wether i’ve got through or not it’s just i’d like to hear from them, to stop me wondering.
    From Cara

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

  • Sarah Jane McDonnell

    hello am sarah i wood love 2 see what i really got every 1 says am really good so please give me a shot in a cardiff

  • jessie

    me and ma girlfriends would like two audition but we dont no how two can u ring me on ama mobile so i can audition on07786798220 thanks

  • Kelly and Olivia

    we really want to go on britains got talent please make our dream come true we really want to know how to sign up olivia is 10 years old and kelly is 13 years old what do we go on to audition?? xXxXx we are confident enough and would love it if you could give us a chance!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):) thanks p.s. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hef Lewis

    I wish to put my sister’s name forward for an audition for Britain Got Talent, Her name is Eirlys she is 46yrs old single mum, she has a fantastic soprano voice and I think you will be blown away when you hear her voice, Please would you let me know how to get her seen and for her to be auditioned, as she is wasting her talent.
    Thank You
    Hef Lewis

  • Ceri Wyn Jones


  • Melly

    I would love to go on britans got talent, But i think simon whould buzz me off 🙁 .. I really want my chance. I love singing and dancing.
    But i want to no what happens on saturdays auditons! The judges screamed and the camera turned away! WHAT HAPPEND ?!?!

  • Melly

    hey, Your not to late. Im 11 aswell and i would love to go on it. I no its scary but you should follow your dream and go for it i would. Take the chance x

  • H Scott

    Hey guys. Watch out for YOUCEF SCOTT-PRESTON on Britains got talent. He will be shown singing on 25th April. He is extremely good, and he has amazing charisma. He is also my cousin. THANKS. x

  • Anonymous

    hiy does any1 no were tha nxt auditiions are for us 2010 show please!

    we hope to adutioin in manchester but northern ireland would be perfect 🙂 fanx xx

    need to know fast like 😉

    xx fanx for your help xx 🙂

  • Anonymous

    where and when are the Britain Got Talent auditions?

  • Anonymous

    where and when are the Britain Got Talent auditions?

  • Katy & Shannon

    Hi ,
    Me & My Friend Shannon Has Been Waiting & Waiting To Go BGT But We Could Never Get In. Please PLEASE Please Can We Go On BGT – We Have Made Up A Dance & We Practice Everyday. We Would Really Love It If We Could Get On !. We Think We Have Talent !!
    Write Back .
    Katy & Shannon xx
    P.S Pleasee

  • Anonymous

    hi im 15 and me and my 2 mates want to audition but we dont know when they are and how to find out please let me know as we would really love to do this.

  • abz

    i would like to enter britains got talent because i love singing but i think simon might buzz me !!!

  • abz

    i would like to enter britains got talent because i love singing but i think simon might buzz me !!!

  • Lou-Lou-x

    i really wanna go on bgt but i dunna how to apply help me xx thank xx

  • Charlotte Lindley

    I want to audition for britains got talent sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    well if u haven’t heard yet then i guess u int through

  • Anonymous

    i wanna enter to sing wiv my m8 but dnt no how 2 apply

  • Anonymous

    Howd u do it?? aply i meen????? i wana go on but duno how?????

  • Chanel luv

    I Really Really wanna go on britains got talent so someone pleazzzzzzzzzzz help me

  • Chanel luv

    Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzz vote 4 Aiden he is hot hot hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chanel luv

    I am only 10 and i really wanna auditionn 4 Britains got talent

  • .:Pia:.

    hi ppl if u wanna go on britains got talent 2010, they will be taking appy/sign up forms from october 2009-febuary 2010. good luck!!

    im goin on there singing. My name is Pia White and i will be 13 tears old on my audition. wish me luck! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  • Chanel luv

    Hi good luc on ur auditon and thankyou

  • Anonymous

    easy just put in the internet how to apply britians got talent audionts

  • jessicaaarrr

    hi i am jessica and i want to sign up for britains got talent but i don’t no how to do it cause i am going to be singing



  • Anonymous

    plz help me and my friends to get into BGT plz help 🙂 i cant wait !! does any1 no how to get auditions 2 2010? reply plz!!!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    hi im 11 years old and i know how to apply all you do it type in then theres an icon on the right saying “”got a talent think you can impress the judges apply now for 2010″” then you can do the rest its easy!!! im going to apply for singing because im really really good (im not boasting) and i sang in front of my whole primary school which is 400 and something pupils. also some bulgarian teenagers came to see our school and they heard me! my headteacher Mrs Taylor was very proud of me!!! 🙂

  • charrie

    hi iam charrie and i dont know how sign up for it , but i want to sign up in 2010 xxxxxxxxxxx if you vote for me i will vote for you!

  • Aaron Shaw

    i want to find out where i can find the entry forms for britians got talent 2010 but i cant find them

  • Chanel luv

    omg Diversity won yiphee my auntie luvs diversity but to bad she wasnt here to watch her fav group perform but i think aidan should of won because he is hot and cute and he lives quite near to me but diversity won wich is still cool!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chanel luv

    they said at the end of the final of bgt that u could find forms for 2010 i looked on and i couldnt find it so can some body pleazzzze help me??

  • .:Pia:.

    can someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! send me the link for the forms for bgt 2010? xxx plzzz 🙁 im only 11 but i really wanna go on there!!!!

  • bgt fan

    hi, if u want to apply for bgt 2010.
    either go on
    or type in on google, either:
    britains got talent application form.
    apply for britains got talent.

    one of my family members applyed tht way

  • Chanel luv

    OMG this form thing is taking forever i hav only just gone on but it is taking forever to load and i went on it yesterday but it said to many pepole were using it and pia if you do get to go on bgt i promise i will vote for you

  • Chanel luv

    good look pia hope you get on bgt

  • bgt fan

    hey, i have actually found the website one of my family members applyed on. so everyone whos asking where so apply just go on this website to apply:

    it takes u to the exact place where u need to be,
    good luck everyone !!


    Me and my mate want to do Britains got talent 2010 but we dont where we go in london to audition or where to get the filling out paper!!! we are only 11 pls some one help me!!!! I AM A BRILLIANT SINGER AND SO IS MY MATE!!!! Look out for me my name is Elena Drepaul!!

  • Anonymous

    hi im charlie and me and some of my mates want to do bgt but i dont no where to get the application form ??????? please help i realy want to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i promis it will be entertaning lol !!!!!!!!!

  • Abbie Bird

    Helloo everyonee doess anyone know how to get tickets to go watch BGT auditions? Me and my Mates want to Go watch it in 2010 and we dont know where u get the tickets. Can someone please helpp uss xxxx

  • google

  • iwant to sing for amanda and my mates

  • Anonymous look very carefully on that page for the apply now button. and then fill the form out !

  • Anonymous

    I agree ive been seaching the the net for 5 hour’s now! Im only 10 year’s old and i want that form! 🙁 !

  • Anonymous
  • Devalicious

    hi me an me 2 sister an me best m8 signed up for auditions but we dont know when they are yet we r called devalicious so call and vote for us thank you if you do we will vote 4 u thanks liove ya all bye byexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • well i am 11 and i have been singing all my life i really want to go on britians got talent i want to aply but i dunno how to :@ my dream all my life has been to sing infront of a big audience i sing every day every 1 says i should enter this but i dunno how to and it annoyes me soo much i love singing if i ever went on the contest, i would be singing broken strings by james morrison i just wanna have a chance <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sugarsweet42

    I understand what you mean as I’ve been singing since i was 6 and im now 12 I applied for BGT this year but i didnt get accepted if ANYONE KNOWS how they pick auditionees then email me plz as its my dream to even have a chance of sharing my dream with the judges. Thnxs xoxoxoxox <3

  • Sugarsweet42

    if you go on da website and scroll down there is a section flashing all the judges and it says stuff like have youy got what it takes?? if you click on dat it will give you a form to fill in if your even a group or a soloist

  • courteney

    hey im courteney and would love to have the guts to apply for bgt but i just cant get myself the press submit on the form i filled it in but i cant do it all my friends say im great but i dont know its been my dream to sing on bgt , my friends say i should just go with wat my gut feeling says but im so scared in case my dream gets crushed but the judges saying im rubbish or im not good enough for the show if i did go threw i would love to meet amanda n i just wannna show people out there that even if your scared go for your dream before its to late thankyou to all that have read my message .

    love courteney burns

    13 .xx

  • sophia

    i am soooooooooooo ready to go on britains got talent i am 9 years old i sing everyday please let me this has been my dream if i get on this it will be one of the best days in my life im begging please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Anonymous

    Well seen as ive been accepted .. just wanted to let u knoow .. AUDITIONS ARE CLOSED.. SHIT FACE GO TAKE SINGING LESSONS

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am 11 and I signed up for Britaints got Talent. I have been accepted and cant wait to perform! 🙂 🙂 To get your own chance to perform, just type in britains got talent and I think it should take you to the website where you should be able to fill out a form and audition.

  • Sharnie

    OMG! Im Freaking Out!! I’ve been accepted for BGT and i got an audition on the 15th November and i really dont know what to sing :/ i didnt even apply myself i think ive been set up lol i mean i can sing ive done things like karaoke in pubs and stuff but i’ve never really sang in front of people i dont know like a whole crowd?!!!! Any1 Know Any Good Songs To Sing? i seem to sing LeAnne Rimes songs quite good but i was trying to think of something a little newer to sing! Help Guys!!! 🙂

  • heather

    ive got a BGT audition on 29th november in manchester
    i dont know how they pick people sorry

  • Brom

    Hiya im freaking out i got a letter to go to the audidtions on the 16th November but my time is 4.00 but my school wont let me off and it takes 45 minutes to get to the auditions , so i wont get there till 5 ish , will they let me be late abit ???

  • johna supersstar

    i am auditioning in november at the g-mex in manchester at 10am i got my letter last week

  • johna supersstar

    you have to be on time otherwhise they wont see you. if i was you i wouldnt go in school that day

  • Anonymous

    hiya my name is jess and i am wanting to go on bgt but dunno because we dont no if you go straight infront of the crowd pleasee pleassssseeeeeeee answer me really need your help xxx

  • Anonymous

    i am going on i got an email and the letter through the post !!!!! whaaaaa i am auditotin tomoz!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    any1 no where the manchester auditions r???? text me plz on 07812568760 thanx ive lost th epaperwork to it n dont no where it is or ow to get there sum1 plz help me


    We are at manchester on monday


    the Renaissance hotel

  • Anonymous

    hi, please help me,

    my audition is at 4pm…, does that mean i start queing at 4.00??? or do i need to queing beforehand so that i am in the centre at 4???

    how does it work????????
    please help!!!

  • garry

    can anybody tell me were the manchester auditions are held i have to go on the 28th of november but not sure were to go thanks.

  • sarah boardman

    can any one let me know if my daughter got threw,nov 16th manchester,coz they asked for 2nd song then interview her???????????

  • Anonymous

    hi no you dont go straight on stage my friend went on last year and im goin on this yer you go to a group of unknown judges first then to some more the to simon cheryl luwi.. i hope ive answered your question xx

  • ashleigh fallon

    plz let me through i will love it and it ismy dream to sing and if it comes true i will be soooo happy plz plz

  • ashleigh fallon

    hey my name is ashleigh i would love to make my dreamm cum true so plz i really wnt this plz plz

  • ultrasound

    Me and my friend auditioned in Birmingham yesterday. We sung run and the producer was lovely. He liked our reason for being there… we both come from council estates in Derby and we love singing. We auditioned cause we think that if you have a dream then go out there and chase it no matter what your social class or the up bringing you have had! We wana show the real youngsters of Britain that living on a council estate isn’t just about fitting in and keeping up a reputation to stay safe and that anyone can achieve a dream if they want it so bad we we really do.

    We messed up the words a bit in our song! and we didnt get asked to do a second song or to go for an interview. But the producer seemed to like us and respected us for having the balls to audition so will see what happens. Gota wait ages now… good luck to everyone and if we get through vote ultrasound 2010!!! 😉 love to you all! Chase those dreams and reach for the stars! Abbie in Derby!! whoop whoop!

  • joe forshaw to win 2010

    hope your guna see joe forshaw in 2010 hes only 6 great little dancer,they filmed him doing his dance to jls in front of 150 people at manchester he did very well go joe go,good luck to you all

  • My son auditioned and then had to sing again downstairs in the holding room, we was a little overwhelmed, but fingers crossed. He sung a Mary Popppins number!!!

  • Anonymous4404

    When the judges ask for a 2nd song it usually means they werent so sure and wanted to hear what else she can do.
    if your daughter is pretty that could ahve been why she was interviewd. they tend to interview attractive people, or people who do something different/ original or look wierd.
    you cant tell if she got through from that sorry. you just have to wait till you hear back from ITV.
    i am also waiting to hear from them!

  • Jess loves JLS n Joe Forshaw!


  • Auditionee

    If you don’t hear back by the middle of january she didn’t get threw

  • Vikki

    Hiya, Does Anyone Know If The Manchester Call Backs For Main Audition Been Done. Get Back To Me Soon Thanks xx

  • I love BGT

    OMG!!! I love Britian’s Got talent. Please, I am only 8 and i would love to get in. Please get back to me as soon as you can. I’ll be waiting. I would love to get in. It’s my dream!! 😀

  • I love BGT

    Please can you get me into BGT. It’s my dream!!!!!! 😀

  • I love BGT

    I think you are a nice person and I would love to help you! ;D Try singing Bad boys or all the single ladies or if you would like to impress the judges, make up your own song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you think this is helpful? Hope we can be friends. 😀

  • I love BGT
  • shannon

    just go on the birtains got talent webiste and see if you can still sign up for it this year i have already done my firast audition in manchester last november and they got back to me syaing ive got through so i would just try it and good luck Lol x

    Hope you get on it x

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