Coming Soon on Five - CSI: Miami Season 5

csi: miami – season 5

Lieutenant Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and his team will soon be back on Five with a new season of the hit US drama. As Season Four drew to a close, Horatio had his hands full with old enemies the Mala Noche gang –as well as dealing with a former nemesis from his days on the New York force who travelled to Miami, framed Horatio for murder and tried to discredit the CSIs.

The series reached a thrilling and tragic climax when Horatio’s new wife Marisol (Alana De La Garza), sister to CSI Delko (Adam Rodriguez), was gunned down as her brother looked on. The murder was aimed squarely at Horatio and the killer, a South American drug lord, promised to take away everything that was near and dear to Horatio. Extradited to Rio de Janiero, the killer leads Horatio and Delko to the Brazilian international crossroads for the opening episode of Season Five, as the pair seek a mix of justice and vengeance.

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  • Sorry, to disappoint you, but season 5 turned out to be rather lame.

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