Coming Soon on FIVE - Megastructures returns!


Returning to Five is a new series of the programme that lifts the lid on some of the most incredible structures and machines ever created. Megastructures reveals the stories behind unbelievable feats of engineering, from aircraft to airports, and bridges to oil rigs.

The first episode of the new series looks at the colossal RMS Queen Mary 2(QM2) superliner. The longest, tallest and broadest ship ever built at the time of its completion in 2003, this £500 million ‘city at sea’ was designed to reinvigorate the world of ocean cruise liners, which had been almost killed off by the advent of commercial transatlantic flights in 1958.

The QM2was built to replace its predecessor, the Queen Elizabeth 2, on the 3,000 mile Southampton-New York route. Capable of carrying 2,000 passengers on its weekly voyage across the Atlantic, the QM2 represents the epitome of luxury and state-of the-art design. The programme takes an in-depth look at the construction of the QM2, speaks to ship’s designers, engineers and crew, and meets the billionaire who first envisaged a new generation of luxury liners.

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