Day 8 and the N word

Big Brother has gathered the housemates in the lounge to announce the results of Ziggy’s nomination. Chanelle squeals about a spider that is on her. Lesley reminds everyone that it is the things that you can’t see that you should be more fearful of.

Emily and Shabnam are up for eviction. Charley says she had to figure out whether or not she was still up as Big Brother read out the names up for eviction in alphabetical order.

Charley then asks what’s happening now because she’s crying. Lesley asks if she’s stupid. Charley snaps back. Lesley thanks her for her advice.

Charley tells Shabnam that if she had been a judge she would never have put her in the house because she doesn’t really want to be there.

Chanelle goes into the diary room to ask Big Brother if he can fix her boots which now has a loose sole.

Lesley asks Laura if there is something she can do to be better in the house. Laura says she should just know who she can joke with in the house.

Some of the girls have built an assault course in the garden and are running around it.

Laura is hoping another guy comes into the house after the eviction because then it might knock Ziggy outta the king of the house spot. Her opinion of Ziggy has changed and hopes Emily stays and thinks the game will really begin if she does.

Big Brother calls Chanelle to the diary room. He asks her to bring her boots and all the gear from a prvious task. Chanelle fears that they will keep her boots if they can’t find all the items on the list. She tries to read the list but Charley keeps talking. Exasperated, Chanelle says fine, read the list yourself.

The drama between Charley and Chanelle intensifies. Chanelle remains relatively calm considering how highly charged Charley is.

Ziggy and Shabnam are talking to Chanelle and tell her she should apologise to Charley. Ziggy goes and pulls Charley aside. Ziggy asks her to chill out and relax because we’re all in the house together. He asks why she can’t go and talk to her. In fact, he asks why he’s even getting involved. He walks off and ironically Charley says that there’s no reason to talk to anyone cause no one wants to listen. Touche!

Shabnam is in the diary and is about to be punished in the diary room. All her belongings are being confiscated and he is providing her with new clothes. He is also telling her to remove her make up and isn’t allowed to wear any until further notice. In the lounge, the housemates are contemplating her eviction. She comes out wearing old style clothes.

Ziggy is in the diary room and is telling Big Brother that he’s finding it hard with all the bitching by the girls. He says he’s feeling a little bit lonely. He misses his dog. He sheds a little tear. He seems like a genuine nice guy.

Emily is joking but calls Charley the N word. Nicky and Charley can’t believe she said it. Laura comes over and Charley continues her disbelief. Laura figures out what she said and is in shock too. Let’s all welcome the Big Brother race card. Charley keeps shaking her head. Perhaps this will be the key to Emily being evicted this week.

Inside, they’re playing charades. Shabnam and Charley are talking and Charley tells her what Emily called her. Shabnam is outside talking to Emily when Charley turns up. They all decide that they don’t need to talk about what was said, but they still do. They keep saying let it go but they keep going.

In the bedroom everyone is talking about the eviction. Charley brings up what was said but doesn’t say what it was. She gets people questioning but refuses to go any further. Ziggy thinks perhaps that she fancies her. Ziggy says that she can’t talk in riddles and that it’s unfair. He eventually gets that it’s racist. Charley says it was a joke and that’s the end of it.

Nicky and Charley are up after 3am and Charley is feeling uncomfortable. Big brother calls Emily to the diary room. Big Brother wants to discuss what she said to Charley. Big Brother says it was offensive. Emily suggests it was more of an endearing term than offensive. She admits it wasn’t smart to use it. Big Brother says that he will intervene and take action if he feels they have caused serious offence to housemates or any of the viewing public. Emily protests. Big Brother says that the term that was used would not be tolerated. She is immediately evicted and must leave via the door on the left.

Emily is in a state of shock and is lost for words. She can’t believe it and is very sorry and never meant it offensively. She says goodby and exits via the door on her left.

Charley and Nicky are waiting in the living area. They will be waiting for a while…

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