Everybody Hates Chris - Sunday July 1

everybody hates
chris everybody hates gambling (19/23);
everybody hates dirty jokes (20/23)

Continuing its second season on Five is comedian Chris Rock’s acclaimed semi-autobiographical sitcom set in Brooklyn, New York. Chris Rock narrates the action, which takes place in the 1980s and revolves around the antics of 14-yearold Chris and his family.

In tonight’s first episode, gambling fever infects the Rock family, as Chris finds himself in demand when he finds he can accurately predict sporting results; Julius sees a money-making opportunity; and Tonya is desperate to beat Drew at chequers.

When Chris correctly guesses the outcome of a sports game, Doc hires him as his unofficial tipster: “You just keep on saying and I’ll keep on paying,” Doc says. Word soon gets around that “Chrissie the Black” can predict sports results and Chris finds himself with a lucrative sideline – until a threatening Italian bookie warns him to stop: “Your friend Doc needs to get ‘unlucky’ – and he needs to get unlucky tonight,” the bookie says.

Rochelle takes a dim view of gambling, while penny-pinching Julius refuses to bet anything more valuable than a money-off voucher. Yet when Julius hears of this mysterious tipster who can predict match results, he decides to put down $50 – without Rochelle knowing.

Elsewhere, Tonya is fed up of losing at chequers to Drew and cannot stand his boasting. Julius offers some advice: “You’ve got to think before you move – strategise,” he says, and even gives her the $3 she needs to get a rematch. Tonya’s new approach pays off, but when Rochelle finds her and Drew arguing over the winnings, and a bookie comes to the door looking for Chris, she uncovers the gambling that has been going on under her nose: “I don’t understand this – everybody in this house knows how much I hate gambling and yet everybody in this house is gambling!” she cries. When Chris says that he has ended his gambling ways by lying to Doc about who is going to win the next match, Julius is panic stricken. What will become of his $50?

In tonight’s second instalment, Chris develops a penchant for telling dirty jokes; Rochelle’s mother comes to stay; and Drew has girl trouble.

Chris makes an eye-opening discovery one night when he creeps out of bed to hear his parents laughing at an adult comedy record. The outrageous jokes make a big impression on Chris: “A lot of kids would get in trouble sneaking out of bed to try and listen to dirty jokes,” he says. “I got a career!” Before long Chris is repeating the jokes in school, and quickly learns how popular he can make himself – especially with the bullies: “For the first time, I realised a good joke could stop a beat down,” he says.

However, when Doc lends Chris a set of comedians’ albums to listen to, the budding comic runs across a routine about the “seven words you can’t say on TV”. Chris starts saying these shocking words at school – but his popularity wanes even as his notoriety soars: “Dirty jokes were one thing – dirty words were a whole new ball game,” he reflects. Things get out of control when he is reported and sent home. What will his parents make of his comedy efforts?

Also in this episode, Rochelle is driven mad when her mother comes to stay and takes over all the household chores, so she decides to set her up on a date. And Drew does not know how to deal with the attentions of a girl he does not like.

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