Everybody Hates Chris - Sunday June 24

everybody hates chris
everybody hates djs (17/23);
everybody hates baseball (18/23)

Continuing its second season on Five is comedianChris Rock’s acclaimed semi-autobiographical sitcom set in Brooklyn, New York. Chris Rock narrates the action, which takes place in the early 1980s and revolves around the antics of 14-yearold Chris and his family.

In tonight’s first episode, Chris gets a big break on the turntables when the neighbourhood DJ is arrested; and Julius is reluctant to take Drew to a magic show due to a bizarre phobia.

Chris is at a neighbourhood party when the local DJ, Hilly Hill, is arrested. Claiming he can step in, Chris offers his services to a doubting party organiser, who makes Chris pay a dollar to go on the decks. “If you are telling the truth, I’ll give you it back,” he says. Chris impresses the host and the party guests with some wizardry on the wheels of steel, and is offered another gig at a party next week. The only problem is, he has no equipment!

Chris sets off on a fruitless mission to buy some decks –all the stores in the area have sold out. The only place he can find a set is in the local pawn shop. Chris is forced to pay through the nose for them, leaving him with no money to buy any records. “I usually get robbed like this in alleys,” he grumbles. Chris then realises he lacks other essential hip-hop paraphernalia –namely a mixer, headphones, some trainers and a Kangol hat. He returns to the pawn shop with some of his possessions in order to complete his DJ image.

Chris then borrows his mum’s prized James Brown LP –and proceeds to scratch it on his new decks. “I hope I skip town before my mom hears this record skipping,” he says. Chris’s day gets even worse when he bumps into Hilly Hill on the street –who is now out of jail and reinstated as next week’s party DJ. What is Chris to do now?

Also in this episode, budding magician Drew is eager to attend a free conjuring show at the local toy store. Rochelle tells her son that Julius will takehim, much to her husband’s consternation. What Rochelle does not know is that Julius is harbouring a secret and embarrassing phobia – rabbits! Will this now jeopardise Drew’s chances of going to the show?

In tonight’s second episode, Chris is faced with a dilemma; and Rochelle lets Tonya down.

Chris is delighted when his cute neighbour Tasha invites him to the movies on Saturday to watch ‘Back to the Future’. However, Chris’s ne’er-do-well uncle Michael pays Julius a visit and offers him free tickets to the Mets game on the same night. After Michael convinces a suspicious Julius that there are no catches, Julius is ecstatic that he will be able to escort his two sons to the game. Drew then finds out that Chris would rather go to the movies, and tells his brother that Julius will be devastated if he does not go.

“This was gonna be one of the best days of his life,” says Drew. What will Chris do –risk hurting his dad or miss a golden opportunity with Tasha? Also in this episode, Rochelle forgets to send off for a picture of Billy Ocean that Tonya badly wants, forcing her to take drastic measures to cover up her mistake.

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