Hana's Helpline - Monday July 8 - Friday July 13

hana’s helpline
you’re a star (20/26)

Continuing this week on Five is the animation for four to six-year-olds, revolving around a friendly duck agony aunt (voiced by Arabella Weir of ‘The Fast Show’) who helps animals with their problems. The series deals with the kind of social and emotional issues that real children experience when they start school.

In this morning’s episode, Fergus the firefly is overlooked when Mrs Winger is casting the school nativity play. Fortunately, Hana sees his potential.

Tuesday’s episode, ‘Where’s Teddy’, sees Hana come to the aid of Patsy Pig when she loses her favourite teddy bear.

Wednesday’s programme is ‘Little Miss Sulky Pants’. Ffion the frog feels slighted when she gets a new skunk foster sister, but Hana has a plan to stop her sulking.

On Thursday, in ‘Super Squirrel’, Hana decides it is high time Cyril the squirrel conquered his fear of heights.

And in Friday’s instalment, ‘Beware of the Bear’, Bert the bear has no respect for other people’s belongings until Hana shows him the error of his ways.

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