Home and Away - Monday July 9 - Friday July 13

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12.00 and 18.00

Kit goes into labour. Rachel tries to matchmake Hugh, oblivious to his feelings for her. Cam shows Martha his true colours. Tragedy descends on Summer Bay.

Disappointed that she is unable to have a home birth, Kit prepares for her baby’s imminent arrival. After several false alarms, her waters break and Kim wastes no time in getting her in the car and setting off for the hospital. When they encounter a traffic jam caused by a car accident, Kim assures Kit that he knows a shortcut. But the bumpy road brings on one of Kit’s migraines, and matters get even worse when the car hits a log. As Kim desperately tries to fix the car, Kit gasps –the baby is coming right now and Kim is going to have to deliver it. It is not long before Kit gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Kim happily turns to show him to Kit, but his joy turns to horror when he sees her succumb to a seizure. Nobody knows where they are… will they be found in time?

Martha, meanwhile, is still involved in her own drama. Worried about the drugs charges, she feels better when Cam promises that they will find out who set her up. But he has his own problems: investors are getting cold feet about the club and one of Terry’s thugs is demanding Cam’s car back. The stress causes Cam to snap at Martha, which makes her begin to question her relationship with him. At the same time, Jack is getting the third degree from McGrath, who implies that Jack’s job is on the line if he has anything to do with the drugs that went missing from the club. Martha and Cam arrive and are surprised to hear that the charges against Martha have been dropped due to the missing evidence. Will Jack’s part in the whole business be revealed?

When McGrath later informs Jack that he needs to come with him to the site of a car accident, Jack must put his worries about Martha to the back of his mind. Tony, meanwhile, is stuck in the same traffic jam that caused Kit and Kim to change course, and is surprised to see Jack and McGrath up ahead. Pulling over, Tony realises that something is horribly wrong when a grim-faced Jack approaches him. The awful truth is that the accident has claimed the life of someone very close to Tony… Beth is dead.

Also this week, Ric tries to make amends with Lily. Rachel’s attempts to set Hugh up with Julie fail, due to the fact that he is secretly in love with Rachel. And Drew learns that Jules is on the run.

Coming Soon Kelli masterminds another evil plan. Matilda struggles to accept Beth’s death. Lily and Matilda’s lives are in danger. Jules tells Ric a secret about his past. A brutal attack lands Cam in hospital. Is Kim putting his marriage in jeopardy?

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