Joey - Season Premiere! - Sunday June 24

joey and the musical (9/23);
joey and the bachelor thanksgiving (10/23)

Continuing on Five tonight is the second series of the US spin-off sitcom starring everybody’s favourite ‘Friend’, Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc). With double helpings every Sunday evening, the series charts Joey’s new life in LA, where he lives with his feisty sister, Gina (Drea de Matteo, ‘The Sopranos’), and her intelligent but shy son Michael (Paulo Constanzo, ‘Road Trip’).

In the first episode of tonight’s double bill, Joey directs a musical with a difference to impress his girlfriend; and Alex tries to work through her feelings for Joey, with disastrous results.

Things are going well between Joey and his new girlfriend, Candice: not only is she beautiful, but she is also responsible for the interior design of Joey’s new house, meaning that he does not even have to try to impress her with his taste! One stumbling block, however, is Candice’s grandmother, Gloria, who seems to hate Joey. To score points, Joey invites Gloria to his house for dinner, but things start badly. In an attempt to pay her a compliment, Joey explains to Zach that Gloria is not Candice’s sister, despite how she might appear. “Why would I think that?” asks Zach: “She’s so much older than her!”

When Gloria reveals that she was to play the leadin a musical at her retirement home until the directoquit, Joey grabs the opportunity and agrees to takeover the direction with Zach. Upon arrival at the home, however, he realises the enormity of the job in hand: “It looks like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland,” he says of the cast. Luckily, Zach is more enthusiastic and launches straight into his role. After some teething problems, the musical comes together and Candice is delighted with the transformation Joey has overseen. However, whenthe opening night arrives, one of the stars suffers a hip problem. Joey steps ino the role at the last minute, but his performance as Gloria’s love interest may be a little too convincing…

Also in tonight’s first episode, Alex decides to use a technique recommended by her therapist to work through her feelings for Joey: she plans to write him a very personal letter, but not send it. However, the letter ends up in Joey’s hands and he wrongly supposes it to be intended for Alex’s estranged husband, Eric. Joey sets up a romantic evening for the two, but it ends prematurely with Eric being thrown out of the house, red rose in hand.

In tonight’s second episode, Gina organises her infamous family Thanksgiving celebration, but Joey finds his allegiances tested when he moves into his new home and meets his neighbour.

Now officially a homeowner, Joey walks into his new house for the first time, only to find Gina and a host of other people putting up Thanksgiving decorations. Gina, it seems, plans to organise another of her Thanksgiving celebrations in which Joey, Michael and Alex must act out parts in an emotional mini-play penned by Gina herself.

However, Joey soon receives a more tempting offer –from his new neighbour, Dean. Dean is something of a playboy who, at 50, buys all the same magazines as Joey and owns, as Joey gleefully exclaims, “a parrot with a dirtier mouth than Gina.” Dean invites Joey to a special bachelor’s Thanksgiving party, to be attended by a number of single young women.

When the day arrives, Joey sneaks out of his house where he is supposed to be practising his lines, and slips next door to join the party. There he meets actor George Hamilton, who claims to be a big fan of Joey’s. “I’ve never seen you act before,” explains George, “but I’m a fan of your sexual reputation!” Can Joey resist the temptation of spending time in the company of such like-minded men, or will guilt finally get the better of him?

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