Shilpa Shetty (Big Brother) on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Shilpa Shetty tells Jonathan Ross she’s not watching Big Brother now when she joins him for Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC One tonight.

“I don’t watch it now, I’m too busy,” says the winner of this year’s now infamous Celebrity Big Brother. She also talks about how her experience changed her life.

“I wasn’t thinking,” she says about her decision to take part, “I hadn’t seen Big Brother. I’d never been through anything like that, I knew it would be a culture shock … they psyche you out before you go into the house, it was unnerving for me.

“It was a complete reality check, I’ve been really pampered, I’ve never had the opportunity to do stuff other normal girls do.

“There isn’t a second that I regret [because of] the sheer fact the show worked as a catalyst and brought about an awareness of racism … people didn’t know how to broach the issue … it was a complete mind game, inside [the house] we didn’t have an overall perspective.

“I didn’t take it too seriously, we had some really fun moments as well.”

Tonight’s guests also include former Blur bassist turned cheese farmer Alex James who reveals he wants to get back together with the band: “It’s been so good to have a break from each other, it’s what we all needed … I think we’ll try to record together again.”

He also explains why he left and has written about it in his autobiography Bit Of A Blur: “Writing a book about it made me realise how much I loved every minute [but] it gets boring after 15 years … it was curiously unsatisfying, you always want more no matter how much you succeed.”

And he talks about his new life: “It’s a common aspiration, to run away from the city … I’m so relieved to be married, it’s so much more simple now.”

The line-up also includes Hollywood heart throb Rob Lowe, about to star in Channel 4’s new US drama Brothers & Sisters, who explains his decision to leave The West Wing: “I finally got a great part which meant I could shine. I miss it, it was the part of a lifetime. I walked away because I wanted it to end for me at the height of its game.”

And there’s music from CSS performing live in the studio.

Next week’s show includes exclusive chat and music from Pete Doherty whose book Journals has just been published, and who will be performing live in the studio.

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